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Oclean X Pro Review: Next-Generation Smart Toothbrush


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Electronic smart health monitoring devices are gaining in popularity. After years of fitness trackers and sports watches, the market for wearable devices has finally saturated, and manufacturers were forced to switch to other aspects of life, so it is quite logical that devices such as smart scales and smart toothbrushes have appeared. Today we take a look at the Oclean X Pro, a new electric toothbrush.

Oclean X Pro

A little about Oclean and how the X Pro works

So what’s so revolutionary about it? First of all, the principle of operation of the brush is not the same as that of the older models, which were equipped with a rotating head. In this case, the principle of operation of the brush is vibration and sound.

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Oclean X Pro

The brush head vibrates at a frequency of up to 42,000 vibrations per minute and, when in contact with the teeth, creates a certain sound effect, which, in combination with mechanical cleaning, cleans the surface of the teeth, as well as whitens the teeth and massages the gums.

Oclean X Pro Sonic Toothbrush

The main misconception associated with such toothbrushes is that many online stores and sites describe them as “ultrasonic”. Which is fundamentally wrong. Many of you have probably come across ultrasonic teeth cleaning in your life. This service is provided in dental clinics and must be performed by a qualified specialist. The fact is that ultrasound destroys tooth enamel, and therefore an incorrect ultrasonic cleaning procedure is dangerous to your health and, of course, it is generally not allowed to carry it out at home.

Oclean X Pro Sonic Toothbrush

Therefore, the Oclean X Pro cleans your teeth not with ultrasound, but with a brush that vibrates at a high frequency, and mechanical action similar to traditional brushing with a classic brush. But when the brush touches the teeth, high-frequency sound waves are generated (far from ultrasound) to help clean your teeth in hard-to-reach places.

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Oclean X Pro specifications and features

  • Weight: 99 g with a brush head
  • Vibration frequency: up to 42,000 rpm
  • Smartphone connection interface: Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
  • Battery: 800mAh
  • Battery life: up to 40 days at level 1 (min) and up to 20 days at level 32 (max)
  • Charging current: 5V/1A
  • Charging time: 2 h
  • Protection: brushes – IPX7, charging – IPX5
  • Available colors: Navy Blue, Aurora Purple, Sacura Pink, Mist Green

Positioning and price

Until recently, the Oclean X Pro was the flagship model in the manufacturer’s line of sonic brushes. But just recently, a new model, the Oclean X Pro Elite, was released. As far as I understood, the new brush has the built-in screen interface, wireless charging and less noise. But the principle is the same. In fact, it’s just an improved model.

Oclean X Pro Sonic Toothbrush Colors

At the same time, the X Pro costs 59.99 USD, and the cost of the new X Pro Elite is 99 USD. But in honor of the premiere of the product, the price has been temporarily reduced to 59.99 (from April 7 to April 20, 2021). So we recommend using the chance to purchase a new model at the price of the old one. Read more here.

The Oclean website also has simple models of electric sonic brushes ranging from $29.99 (nothing smart about them), because they do not have a Bluetooth module and the ability to connect to a smartphone via a mobile application.

What’s in the box

In a classy white box with a double cover (in the style of Apple) there is an electric brush and a charging cradle with a microUSB port, which is very strange for 2021.

A magnetic pad with a base is attached to the bottom of the charger, for placing the cradle on the wall in brush holder mode (I’ll tell you more about this later).

Oclean X Pro - What's in the box

Design, materials, build quality

The design of the device is simple but stylish at the same time. It is an elongated parallelepiped with rounded edges, which narrows evenly towards the top and ends with a brush head, which is covered with a transparent plastic cap.

Oclean X Pro

The brush head is removable, just pull it out. There should be no problems with its replacement.

A display with a rounded glass is mounted in the front from above in the case; it’s completely black when not in use. A round recessed button is integrated into the glass below the display. This knot resembles some kind of fitness tracker.

Oclean X Pro

The display is touch-sensitive, apparently OLED, the quality is sufficient, the brightness is enough for indoors, the information is legible, the viewing angles are wide, although the font is too small and for people of age it can cause certain problems. I will talk about controlling the brush using a button and gestures in the section below.

Oclean X Pro

The lower part of the case has a gold manufacturer’s logo on the front. On the bottom is the ring contacts for charging. The peculiarity of the brush is that the body is completely symmetrical in cross-section, which means that the brush can be inserted into the charging cradle with its base in any orientation and the charging will work.

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Oclean X Pro

As for the materials, it is plastic. High quality, strong, matte, pleasant to the touch. The build quality is perfect, which is not surprising, since the device is IPX7 waterproof. The brush lies pleasantly in the hand and is comfortable to use.

Oclean app, configuration, modes

You can use the Oclean X Pro without a constant connection to your smartphone. You can even change some parameters and modes. Of course, the range of functions and settings will be limited, but its main purpose is to brush your teeth, and it will do just that.

When you turn it on for the first time, the brush will prompt you to carry out the pairing process with your smartphone. So you will need at least once connect to the app in any case, at least in order for the gadget to receive the current time and date.

The first thing to do is install the Oclean app.



We open the app, connect the brush, start and confirm the Oclean account (via email) and go through the process of initial setting up the brush with the help of a wizard, as a result of which the app will show you the recommended daily cleaning program.

The app UI is divided into 3 tabs – the main page with statistics and achievements, a section for setting the mode and account settings, preferences and parameters of the app and the brush.

I don’t want to go through a detailed guide to all the settings. I am sure that you will not have any problems using the software, because everything is extremely simple and clear, there are tips for all points and options.

The main points:

  • The app keeps accurate statistics of brushing sessions and provides estimates for any period of time
  • The app monitors the condition of the brush head and signals the need to change the brush
  • The utility offers tons of detailed instructions to make using the electric brush as easy as possible and help you find the optimal cleaning program
  • You can choose one of the ready-made programs for brushing your teeth or create your own individual program, which consists of a maximum of 6 steps for each of which you can adjust the mode, intensity and duration
  • With the help of a smartphone app, the possibility of updating the brush firmware by air (OTA) is available, and in a few weeks I got updates a couple of times, which means that the software development is quite active

UI, controls and settings

We turn on the device with the button and get to the main screen, which simply displays the time and date. As I already said, it is impossible to set these parameters without synchronizing with a smartphone. When you swipe to the right or left, you will see a second screen that shows the current brush mode and vibration intensity (brushing strength from 1 to 32).

Oclean X Pro

When you swipe up or down on one of the home screens, you are taken to the settings menu. We move between the items with vertical swipes, go to a specific menu with a swipe from right to left, then select the parameter and apply it by clicking on the button. Nothing complicated. To return to the previous menu, swipe from left to right.

The set of options is minimal: you can select the intensity, one of the modes (cleaning, whitening or massage, enable or disable the reminder to change the area of ​​cleaning and select the duration of the session). There is also an item with information about the product and the current battery charge. Why this important information is not on the main screen is not clear to me. But without a smartphone, you can only find out the charge status.

If you press the button a second time while the screen is on, a cleaning session will start according to the current settings. At the end of the session, a brief report on the effectiveness of cleaning will be displayed on the screen in the form of a graphic image of the jaw, where areas that are not sufficiently cleaned will be highlighted in red. That’s basically all.

Video showcase of the Oclean X Pro UI:

Session data is saved on the device and periodically synchronized with the smartphone app. Therefore, from time to time you should take your smartphone to the bathroom or vice versa, bring the brush closer to the smartphone and launch the app to synchronize data or update the firmware.

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Installation, storage, charging

It is worth talking in more detail about the charging cradle, which is also serves as a magnetic holder for the brush.

Oclean X Pro

And it also has a magnetic base, which in turn is connected to the mounting platform. Which can be glued to a vertical surface, for example, ceramic tiles somewhere near the sink in the bathroom.

And when you need to charge the brush, you can simply remove the cradle from the wall and plug it into any USB port.

Also, you can even insert the brush into the charging position horizontally without removing the cradle from the wall, it is also fixed with a magnetic lock in this position, but there is a risk of accidentally touching the brush if you have a cramped bathroom, so I do not recommend this option.

Oclean X Pro Charger

The battery life of the device is really impressive. After 15 days of daily brushing two times a day for 2-3 minutes at an intensity of 20-28 out of 32 in different modes, 61% of the charge remained. So the brush needs charging no more than 1 time a month, which is good news.

My experience with the Oclean X Pro

I have been using the brush for several weeks now and the experience is very positive. I am going to gradually transfer the whole family to Oclean products.

The main feature of Oclean X Pro, for me personally, is the almost complete exclusion of the human factor and minimization of self-control of the process of brushing teeth, because I have difficulties with this. I can manually brush my teeth for a minute or so depending on my mood. And this is not good. Therefore, I like that in the case of a smart brush, there is a specific program run time, and tips for changing the cleaning zone. That is, the main thing is to start a session, and then the brush will tell you what to do and when.

Oclean X Pro

I have created several individual programs for myself that alternate cleaning/whitening/massage and apply them constantly. The frequency and rate/nature of vibration changes, and you can clearly track the program steps.

As for the effect of using such a brush, it’s noticeable. First, the cleaning is very gentle, but thorough. After the session, there is a real feeling that the teeth are clean. Secondly, after a week of using the brush, I noticed that the bleeding of the gums practically disappeared.

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The Oclean X Pro is a great modern electric toothbrush. In fact, I could not find any serious drawbacks in this device. Well, except for the UI of the built-in screen that has a tiny font. Otherwise, I can safely recommend this product to anyone.

Oclean X Pro Review: Next-Generation Smart Toothbrush

I also remind you about the new Oclean X Pro Elite, which in honor of the premiere has the same price as the old model, 59.99 USD. For the duration of the promotion (until April 20, 2021), this option undoubtedly looks enticing.

Where to buy the Oclean X Pro

Review ratings
Materials, build quality
Battery life
The Oclean X Pro is a great modern electric toothbrush. In fact, I could not find any serious drawbacks in this device. Well, except for the UI of the built-in screen that has a tiny font. Otherwise, I can safely recommend this product for purchase.
Vladyslav Surkov
Vladyslav Surkov
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Nicole Turner
Nicole Turner
2 years ago

Any thoughts about the new Oclean Flow? I heard its a great product.

2 years ago

I really wanna buy the Oclean W10 Flosser. And it would really help if you make a review about it. Thank you.

2 years ago

Have you heard about the Oclean W10 Water Flosser? I’ve been researching about product but it turns out there are only a few reviews about it. can you please make a review about it?

Grace Castillano
Grace Castillano
2 years ago

I replaced my Oral-B with the Oclean X Pro Elite after I read this blog! My new electric toothbrush really makes a considerable difference. I must say I fell in loved with it on my first purchase. Now, I’m ordering one for my mom. I’m glad I ordered from their website, too. They have an amazing service.

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The Oclean X Pro is a great modern electric toothbrush. In fact, I could not find any serious drawbacks in this device. Well, except for the UI of the built-in screen that has a tiny font. Otherwise, I can safely recommend this product for purchase.Oclean X Pro Review: Next-Generation Smart Toothbrush
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