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Oclean Flow Review: the best ‘domestic’ toothbrush!


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A question at once? And what could make this electric brush, Oclean Flow, earn the title of the most ‘domestic’ toothbrush? There are several reasons for that. It is inexpensive, convenient, efficient, nice, and… you definitely don’t want to travel with it. Why so? I will explain later.

Oclean Flow

Oclean Flow video review

No desire to read? Watch a video review instead:

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Market positioning

To begin with, it’s the price. 760 hryvnias, or about $ 30. Let me give  you a perspective on the price – three branded substitute brushes for an electric toothbrush from Xiaomi cost 500 hryvnias, or $ 20.

Oclean Flow

Just throw in another half and you can buy this brush. Plus, you can get a little discount with the promo code OCLEANFLOW2. Link below:

Exterior and specifications

Of course, the price is great, if everything else is good, and it i actually. The brush is nice, as I said at the beginning, stylishly made, equipped with a large convenient button and five mode indicators.

Oclean Flow

Let me immediately praise the charging port – it is not proprietary, the is a lid at the bottom, under which there is a Type-C. And it does not need to be charged too often, the manufacturer promises six months of work on one charge.

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Oclean Flow

Functional capabilities

The principle of operation is based on sonic and mechanical vibrations. The nozzle vibrates and when it comes into contact with the teeth, it creates a certain sound effect, which in combination with mechanical vibrations cleans the surface, as well as whitens teeth and massages the gums.

Oclean Flow has five operation modes. One by one: the morning softly relaxing Morning Relief; evening Night Clearout, more powerful and effective; infinite basic mode, no time limit; powerful Breath Refresh mode, for cleaning the tongue and freshening the breath; and the subtle Caring Mode for delicate gums.

Oclean Flow

The motor here is set at 38,000 rpm. However, it can work without overheating as long as necessary, and the limit of two minutes, present in four of the five modes of operation, is needed only to prevent the gums and teeth from harming.

Oclean Flow

Because what’s too much isn’t healthy. There is also a reminder 30 seconds before the end of the two-minute timer. And, I note the moisture protection of the brush is IPX7.

Oclean Flow

So it looks like as if everything is fine, the brush is nice, it has good functionality, it is suitable for any gums and at any time of the day… So why I do not recommend traveling with it?

Delivery set

Because it does not have a travelling cap in the kit. USB Type-C cable is available, instructions are also available, brush attachment is available. There is no cap. No, this is not a mistake, this model does not have it included. No, caps from other brushes are not always suitable, because the shape of the head is a little wider than usual.

Oclean Flow

And no, you can’t buy a cap separately. And yes, Oclean has models with this case included – for example, Oclean X Pro and Oclean X Pro Elite. The review is below.

Read also: Oclean X Pro Review: Next-Generation Smart Toothbrush

And of course, you can travel with this brush, wrapping it in a disposable plastic bag, but if you agree to that, then you probably don’t need an electric toothbrush at all.

UPD: it turned out that an additional brush attachment with a cap from more expensive brushes Oclean X Pro or X Pro Elite is compatible. They are available even in Ukraine! Actually, this is another reason to re-read the X Pro review.

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Conclusions on Oclean Flow

Summing up. If you are going to use Oclean Flow at home and do not take it anywhere, it is just a miracle device. Which is very well suited to almost anyone. Cute, durable, versatile.

Oclean X Pro

I don’t know what the stupid problem with the cap is, but that’s how it is. In my opinion, the disadvantage is small, so I recommend Oclean Flow.

Sales link + promo code OCLEANFLOW2:

And, of course, you can also help Ukraine fight with Russian occupants via Savelife or via an official page of the National Bank of Ukraine.

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Delivery set
Very nice, very 'domestic' electric toothbrush, which surprised me by the lack of a travel cap, but so much for its drawbacks.
Denis Zaychenko
Denis Zaychenko
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Very nice, very 'domestic' electric toothbrush, which surprised me by the lack of a travel cap, but so much for its drawbacks.Oclean Flow Review: the best 'domestic' toothbrush!
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