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How to Run a Proper Automation Test


Test Automation is an effective, efficient, and cost-saving method of software testing. Test automation involves the automated execution of predefined tests using a scripting or programming language. It uses the concepts of coding and scripting to derive test cases from the requirements and thus enables faster execution of tests and reduced cost.

Thus test scripts save more time as compared to manual testing. It is the process of using a software program to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcome with the predicted outcome, and reporting of results for the whole test process. By automating the sub-processes that are involved in software development testing, you free up your time and effort to concentrate on other more important matters in your life.

Automation testing is software testing that helps to validate IT applications by executing predefined tests which are otherwise laborious and difficult for human testers. Test automation professionals are involved with creating test scripts for automating these repetitive tasks and reducing the number of test cases to run manually. Information technology in many ways is making human life easier, yet at the same time, they pose some challenges as well.

Run a Proper Automation Test

Test automation is the use of special software (separate from the software being tested) to control the execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes. Test automation can automate some repetitive but necessary tasks in a formalized testing process already in place, or add additional testing that would be difficult to perform manually.

To select the right automation tool

The quality and accuracy of your automated test results rely primarily on the underlying framework of your automated testing tool. In addition, you need to consider the compatibility of your target software with the selected tool.

To determine if the targeted software is compatible with the automated testing tool, do some research on the issues and problems that others have experienced when using a specific test automation tool with your targeted software. Selecting an automated testing tool is essential for test automation. There are a lot of automated testing tools on the market, and it is important to choose the automated testing tool that best suits your overall requirements.

To divide your automation testing efforts

Detailed automation testing is a very important part of the software development process. It helps to maximize test effectiveness and ensure that the software application meets its quality objectives. When it comes to automating your QA testing efforts, there are some considerations you should keep in mind to make sure that your automated tests run smoothly.

Automated testing is known to be quicker, more efficient, and more cost-effective than manual testing. But implementation of automated testing is not an easy task. In contrast to popular belief, it requires a deep understanding of your business and application, as well as adequate time to plan and implement. In this article, we will feature some best practices that should be taken into account when planning and implementing automation test practices.

To divide your automation testing efforts

For most testers and automation engineers, the ultimate goal is to increase the pace of their testing efforts while delivering the best quality products and services. This initiative can be achieved with the introduction of automated testing in your software development process. Automated testing allows anyone to execute thousands of different complex test cases at once, in a repeatable and reliable fashion, which can be automated to deliver consistent results. As a result, QA teams are able to perform all test cases effectively, and this ultimately allows for greater scalability and assures software delivery success.

While working on the project, you may have some team members who are not well versed in writing automated test scripts. These QA engineers might be best at writing test cases. TestComplete’s keyword tests feature allows non-technical users to create automated tests that eliminate the need to know the scripting languages. A keyword test is a set of keywords that perform a particular action. With keyword tests, you can simulate keystrokes, clicks, select menus and menu items, call methods and properties, and more. Keyword tests are often used as an alternative to using scripts. Users of any skill level can use them to create powerful automated tests easily.

To create a good, quality test data

Data-driving testing (DDT) is a software testing technique in which test input data or the test case itself are read from an external file called a data file. Test data and commands are stored in a separate place or file and automation leverages that. Test steps remain the same, so no repeated manual steps are involved. We can update the required manual steps easily by just changing the data.

The main goal of an automated test should be to validate the software application using a different set of data values. Each time you execute the automated test, it should produce the correct result. A good automated testing tool should help you with this task and make your life easier. This article introduces you to major features that are offered by these testing tools and show how these features can help you create reliable automated tests.

Nowadays, many major projects in IT companies involve automation testing. Automation testing helps reduce the development time and it is more reliable and accurate than manual testing. An automated test can often reduce test execution time over manual testing. Also, errors and bugs in the application that may have been missed during manual testing are often caught when running automated tests. Preventing defects in the early stages of the software development life cycle reduces costs as fixing issues early is much cheaper than finding and fixing them at later stages.

quality test data

To convince management

There are many impressive benefits of Automation Testing. It is proven to improve the efficiency of software testing efforts and saves time, money, and resources by automating individual test cases. It is beneficial to ensure the quality of your project and increase the reliability and consistency of your results. It makes it easy to run tasks repeatedly and test out any new developments on the software. But no matter how much you are eager to discover and initiate test automation in your organization, you cannot do anything if your management is not convinced about the benefits test automation offers. If test automation is successfully implemented in a company, it can not only save money and time but also improve the quality of the software.

The following benefits will help you convince your management about test automation. When it comes to offsetting the cost of test automation, reducing the test execution time is not enough. You have to show how the implementation of test automation helps to increase your team’s effectiveness in addition to speeding up testing. Besides, management likes when you talk about businesses and offer them another way test automation can bring more profit for your company.

It is important to explain to your management that it will take around three months for you to achieve results from automated software testing and test automation is not a replacement for manual testers but an aid to them. When starting a new project, list all of its requirements and develop a testing strategy based on those.

Test automation is the use of software to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, the setting up of test preconditions, and other test control and test reporting functions. Commonly, software developers use automated software tools to quickly implement changes instead of rebuilding something from scratch and preventing a human error that may lead to security breaches.

Moreover, quality management teams need a tool that can facilitate their daily work activities and at the same time reduce mundane test activities. Test automation has become an indispensable part of agile processes because it allows quality assurance teams to be freed from repetitive tasks like regression testing or adding new features on the existing code base in an efficient manner while ensuring the quality of their product.

Automation testing is not just software developers testing their own software, it is quality assurance. For a company to release something, nothing gets released until it’s fully tested and approved. Automation reduces the time it takes for some of these QA processes and allows more time for the more important tasks.

To choose the right automation tool

When selecting the right automation tool, it is important to consider its functionality. For example, if an application uses a flash of silver light, then the automation tool must support it. It is necessary that the available project resources can operate the tools. For example, if the project team members only have experience with QTP, they may not be effective in using MS coded UI.

Selecting the right automation tool depends on several factors, including cost and the technologies used in the application. Since automated testing tools are expensive, you may want to create a budget before you make a purchase. Although many tools include training and help files, it’s typically easier to use an automation tool if you have access to skilled resources.

There are many tools available in the market. Choosing the right one depends on your application. Some of the important things to consider when choosing an automation tool include 1)Cost of the tool 2)Technology support (Java, .NET, Silver light, etc.) 3)Skilled resources 4)Maintenance and updating costs.

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