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Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition review: As good as it’ll ever be


When Minecraft Dungeons debuted in 2020, it was a bit controversial. In fact, the first truly big new game from Mojang Studios in years has sparked a heated debate. Some were happy to see them try their hands at a new genre with the familiar voxel graphics, but some fans started complaining about how it was nothing like Minecraft except for the name. I was somewhere in between. This was a solid game, but I wanted more. And “more” is finally here with the Ultimate Edition. Let’s take a look at what has changed.

Let me remind you that this is a dungeon crawler, a genre which is relevant again thanks to the recent release of Diablo II: Resurrected. But while that game was pure nostalgia, Minecraft Dungeons is better suited for those who are just starting their journey. The game is as accessible as possible, easy to understand even for the most inexperienced players. And in this sense, it it’s quite unique.

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition

Unlike Diablo, Minecraft Dungeons has no classes or skill trees. The whole emphasis is on all kinds of weapons, armor and artifacts. Your character can use melee or ranged weapons and up to three artifacts. There are a lot of items, so no walkthrough is the same. No level repeats itself in the true Minecraft sense.

Minecraft Dungeons can be played alone or with friends – both locally and online. This is key, because playing on your own is not always the best. After all, I’m not new to this. But with a friend it’s a completely different experience.

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Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition

We’ve already reviewed the game for Xbox One, but this time we got our hands on the Nintendo Switch edition. In dock mode, the game does not visually differ much from the version for the more powerful Xbox. The picture is quite nice, especially if you like this style. Voxel graphics generally help a lot when all you have is weak hardware. But if you use the Switch in portable mode, then the situation, unfortunately, gets worse, much worse. You can still play fine, especially on the OLED model with a brighter screen, but I recommend doing it on your TV anyway.

But let’s get back to the Ultimate edition. We have already talked about the game itself, and now let’s see what’s new.

Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition

For more than a year after the release, Minecraft Dungeons has been actively getting updates. Those who predicted its quick demise have been proven wrong – Mojang Studios have been diligently releasing new content, making it clear that the game was a success in their eyes. And if you bought every DLC, then, of course, Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition is useless to you. And if you have the base game, it might be better to buy the DLC pack separately (Ultimate DLC Bundle). But for the new players there’s no better option than the Ultimate Edition.

The Ultimate Edition has such DLCs as Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether, Hidden Depths, and Echoing Void. A ton of content for a more than reasonable price. Contents of the Hero Pass, including skins and a chicken, are also here. Keep in mind that the Hero Edition, Hero Pass, and Season Pass are no longer on sale.

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Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition

So is Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition worth the money? For a new player, sure. This is a finished game and now is the best time to dive in.


Minecraft Dungeons has not changed much, but has gotten a lot of new content. This is now a much more complete game, and the Ultimate Edition is a great buy for those who weren’t sure about it before.

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Minecraft Dungeons has not changed much, but has gotten a lot of new content. This is now a much more complete game, and the Ultimate Edition is a great buy for those who weren't sure about it before.
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