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Big comparison of tobacco heating devices: IQOS and glo vs Pod-systems: Logic Compact, JUUL, Joint


I have repeatedly turned my attention to various systems, which ordinary people most often call just “electronic cigarettes”. But time passes, and progress does not stand still. I studied the question once again and am ready to share with you relevant information on this topic.

Yes, you probably know that smoking is no longer fashionable, and ordinary cigarettes are rapidly losing their relevance for a number of reasons. In addition to the obvious harm to human health, traditional smoking brings a lot of inconvenience to others – smoke, unpleasant smell, ash and cigarette butts, and even risk of fire. All this makes smokers think about the transition to a more progressive and cleaner, as well as a less harmful for themselves and those around them way to get nicotine.

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Moreover, not only ordinary cigarettes have lost their relevance, but even vapes and e-cigarettes which are already considered obsolete. They were replaced by two new generations of electronic devices for smokers: tobacco heating systems (IQOS, glo, jouz) and salt vapes, also known as pod-systems (JUUL, Logic Compact, Joint).

Both of these types of devices are the newest generation of smoking devices. But in technology and user experience, they are strikingly different. We will try to understand what the difference is, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these devices. Let’s Go!

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

So, I have on the table as many as 5 gadgets! A popular IQOS, a little less known glo, as well as Logic Compact, JUUL, and Joint. This whole team of gadgets can be divided into 2 groups.

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Group 1 – Tobacco heating devices

The first is the electric heating of tobacco. Or rather – electronic heaters for tobacco sticks. This includes IQOS from Philip Morris and glo from British American Tobacco. That means these are the gadgets from the leaders of the tobacco industry and the results of their “perestroika” period. Despite the key differences in design, these devices have a very similar principle of operation.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

At the base we have tobacco sticks, very similar to regular cigarettes. Although I do not recommend smoking them in the traditional way, take my word and don’t try it. Yes, the sticks are a little different – IQOS offers hits, which are short and plump, glo sells neostiks, which are thin and long. Both have natural tobacco inside, which is sliced ​​and laid in a special way.

Tobacco in the sticks does not burn, but heats up to 250-350 degrees, releasing tobacco steam. We also inhale it in ourselves, receiving tobacco taste and nicotine. There is no burning, so there is no harmful smoke and tar does not enter the lungs.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact


The design of the classic IQOS has undergone the third transformation. But this is still the same medium-sized power bank, which chargers a small holder, designed for one session of use.

We take the holder out of the socket, insert the stick into the receiver, the heating blade penetrates into the tobacco part, hold the button, start heating, the holder briefly vibrates, release the button, wait for the double vibrating signal and draw the tobacco aerosol as if you were smoking a cigarette.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

The session is designed for 14 puffs and stops automatically. Next, remove the stick and put the holder back into the charger. After a short charge, the device is ready for a new session.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact


Glo, unlike IQOS, is not divided into 2 parts. But this is still the same pawer bank with a heater in the form of a barrel, into which tobacco sticks are inserted. In this case, they are heated from outside, not inside.

We move the lid, insert the stick with the tobacco part down, press and hold the button, wait for the vibration, release, then the stick heats up, the circular indicator gets completely filled and the device briefly vibrates again. The process is also similar to smoking cigarettes and lasts a few minutes.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

At the end of the session, you will be notified by the vibration and the indicator light, which will first light up, and then go out. We take out the stick and recycle it.

What separates IQOS from glo

As you’ve already understood, the main difference between IQOS and glo is that the first one has a small and lightweight holder, which is more convenient to use. But it needs to be charged between each session.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

At the same time glo is bigger and heavier. But this gadget is ready for continuous use – one session after another until the large battery is drained. On the other hand, maybe it’s not that bad that between IQOS sessions there is a certain break?

But, for those who disagree with this concept, a compact model was presented last year – IQOS 3 Multi. It is designed for continuous use, so maybe you should give it a try.

The way tobacco is heated is also slightly different. IQOS heats tobacco straight from the inside with a heating blade. glo warms the perimeter through the paper.


Sensations during the session: very close to the classic taste of tobacco, and at the same time the taste is also slightly different for these devices, or rather, tobacco sticks. But here I can not express my preferences, because they are subjective.

In fact, I know many people who quit smoking cigarettes because of these gadgets. Some of them prefer IQOS, some glo. It is worth noting that for both systems there are official test drive programs. That is, you can try both options and decide which one tastes best for you. By the way, tobacco sticks with different flavors are commercially available and cost almost the same.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

But of course, in the comments you can tell me what device is better. I know that you probably have a special opinion on this.

Group 2 – Liquid vaping with nicotine salts

We now turn to the second group, which looks a lot like the well-known vape, which is based on the evaporation of a liquid using an electric heater. But in a more modern implementation.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

A bit of theory and history. The main point – the devices we are considering – are products of evolution and the desire to make smoking less harmful to health.

For quite a long time, chemists have known how to make synthetic nicotine, similar in composition and effect to natural. It is diluted with glycerin and propylene glycol, and that way we get the liquid, which is used in classic vape and electronic cigarettes.

There are disadvantages of classic wipes: they are uncomfortable, unaesthetic, you do not oversmoke because glycerin vapor and liquid nicotine have large molecules that are slowly absorbed into the blood. Because of this, you have to vape a lot and often. Such devices have never truly become widespread.

Big comparison of tobacco heating devices: IQOS and glo vs Pod-systems: Logic Compact, JUUL, Joint

But if you add acids to nicotine, you get nicotine salts. The key to nicotine salts is that they have fewer molecules, and by entering the blood, they are absorbed much faster – in much the same way as nicotine from natural tobacco or tobacco sticks.

When we sorted that out, the nicotine salts vape tech was created. These are also called pod-systems, as nicotine salts are stored in small cartridges – the so-called pods. Let’s look at them.

Logic Compact, JUUL and Joint

Logic Compact is a product of Japan Tobacco International, another tobacco giant. Earlier we reviewed the classic e-cigarette from the same manufacturer – Logic Pro.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic CompactWe add JUUL and Joint to the subgroup with Logic Compact, because all three devices are like brothers. They are slightly different in size and shape, but the principle is one – they are small elongated steel tubes, slightly flattened with the batteries inside.

From one end of each gadget there is a charging connector, and Logic Compact and JUUL make them proprietary, which is not very good, because you need to take them with you if you leave your house for a long time. And Joint uses a standard microUSB connector, which is somehow easier.

From the reverse end of all three devices there are receivers for capsules with magnetic closers and electrical contacts. Liquid capsules are also very similar in all three systems. They are transparent electrical contacts, and inside is the evaporator in the form of a tube, on the opposite side is a plastic mouthpiece.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

We take the capsule, remove the cap from the contacts, insert the capsule with the contacts down into the device, and at the end it is brought to a click with a magnet … and that’s it, the gadget is ready for use. You don’t even need to press a button.

Logic Compact, JUUL and Joint evaporators start automatically as soon as you start drawing in the steam. During puffs, the lights on the devices light up and go out immediately after the puff stops. In principle, it is convenient, you do not need to hold the button, as in traditional wipes.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

Liquid level can be monitored in Joint and JUUL directly during operation. Thanks to the fact that the transparent part of the capsule is visible through a special cutout. And there is no such compact window in Logic Compact… But you can just get the capsule out of the holder and take a look.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

Comparing Juul, Joint and Logic Compact, Pros and Cons

In fact, there is nothing special to compare. All three gadgets – Logic Compact, Jule and Joint – are very similar, both in design and ease of use. There are, course, small nuances.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

The main advantages of salt wipes: A short session of use, a feeling that you smoked enough. There are still a lot of tastes, less harmful than cigarettes. In addition, it is possible to get rid of the large tank with liquid, because the “efficiency” of salt nicotine is higher. As a result, all devices in the second group are comfortable to use.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

Liquids are enclosed in disposable replaceable sealed capsules or cartridges. You do not have to mix or buy ready-made liquids yourself, fill up the tank, mess with cotton wool and perform other complicated procedures, as is the case with a traditional vape. Gadgets are compact and easy to operate.

Based on experience, I can name the main disadvantages of salt wipes. The first is that you consume much more nicotine because you want to smoke more, and there are no restrictions on the duration of the session, and salt nicotine is absorbed quickly.

The second is that capsules sometimes leak. Devices can even “spat” with liquid during puffs. And that stuff gets on the lips and tongue. I don’t know what’s inside, but I know that it’s intended for evaporation, not for ingestion.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

As for taste. If you have tried vape, then consider that you have tried all these 3 devices. The taste, of course, just depends on the flavors. Because the liquid itself has a neutral, slightly sweet taste. The tobacco component is here, but it is also achieved with chemical additives. Nicotine is also present, albeit saline, but it affects the body in the same way as natural, which means that it will stop you from smoking cigarettes.

Vaping, of course, has a huge army of fans. And these 3 devices got even more comfortable. You don’t have to interfere with anything and refuel. Simply enjoy the process.

Comparison of tobacco heating devices and nicotine salts

Electric tobacco heating devices or vape? Ah, the perennial question. Actually, I’m joking. The question is, of course, quite modern.

It’s clear that tobacco heating devices and nicotine salts are the future. Both are truly advanced inventions with great potential. But they have different technologies and features ​​for the user. One thing is clear – in the near future, the market for smokers will be divided between these two categories of devices. Which one wins is a very interesting question.

IQOS, glo vs JUUL, Joint, Logic Compact

As it seems to me, tobacco heating devices are more like traditional smoking in terms of taste and sensations. It can be recommended to conservatives and lovers of the classics. At the same time, the process is not as harmful to personal health and is not as annoying to others as cigarette smoking. I personally use IQOS. But again, this is a matter of taste and personal preferences.

Vaping is like a mix of cyberpunk and rave. Subculture for young and daring hipsters. Pure synthetics! If you like it, why not? As I have already said, these devices are more comfortable and efficient than traditional vape.

You decide!

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