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Lenovo TAB3 10 Business review


Once the tablets have become massively appear on the market, they predicted an unprecedented success. They were supposed to overshadow the entire PC segment. So it happened the first few years. But now the situation changed and the demand for tablets has fallen sharply. Now the producer is not enough to say, “you need a tablet”, it has to convince to whom and why it is needed. The tablets moved from the category of must have into the category of niche devices. The Lenovo realized this and began to think, for whom the tablets are the most needed. That how was released our today’s hero – Lenovo TAB3 10 Business, from business corporation – for the businessmen.

Lenovo TAB3 10 Business

Design of Lenovo TAB3 10 Business

Design of Lenovo tablets – is something very monotonous. Apparently, the company from China felt for good design and for several years using it almost everywhere, making minor changes to new products.

Lenovo TAB3 10 Business

It is the same rectangle with an aspect ratio of 16:10. The main difference is the housing material. Housing of Lenovo TAB3 10 Business is made of soft-touch plastic, interesting and original, this is not often found in tablets and smartphones. It is pleasant to the touch and absolutely not slippery. Even in sweaty palms tablet will be held tight. However, this is quite easily soiled plastic and you have to wipe the device from time to time.

Lenovo TAB3 10 Business

On the back side, as it should be, the main camera is located. Apart from it there are two stereo speakers and a cap, under which the memory card slot is hidden. Plug has a different color, Lenovo label is located on it.

The right and bottom adges are pristine. On the left are all the basic controls: the power button and volume keys. Also, there is a microUSB slot for charging and syncing.

Lenovo TAB3 10 Business

But there is one, but a very big claim – the location of the audio output. It is located on the upper side, that it is permissible in smartphones, but not in tablets.

Now, about the front side. There’s a small edge, which separates the screen from the soft-touch plastic. On the front panel there is nothing but the display and front camera

Well, there is also a fairly wide frame. But unlike a smartphone, in tablet it is more plus than minus. Thanks to them, you can hold the device with one hand and do not touch the screen.


Lenovo TAB3 10 Business is equipped 10.1-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. We get the pixel density of 224 ppi. It seems a little, and when we look at the pixels, they are visible. But let’s be honest, we keep the tablet far enough away from the eye, and under such circumstances, the pixels are not visible.

Lenovo TAB3 10 Business

For image quality is responsible the IPS-matrix. All figures are on a high level, contrast and viewing angles are good. It is worth noting the presence of MiraVision technology. But I was not very pleased with the levels of brightness. Minimum is fine, but the maximum is not enough. Using on the street very uncomfortable. But when considering that this is a business tablet, and, on the idea of the manufacturer, you will use it in the office, such brightness will be enough.

Lenovo TAB3 10 Business


In terms of interface and software TAB3 10 Business did not prepared any surprises. The tablet works on Android 6.0 with proprietary shell from Lenovo. Proprietary this shell can be called because it is used in all the tablets from Lenovo. However, for most people it will be understood this way: this is the standard shell by Google with little intervention from Lenovo. Intervention here is a small manufacturer just change the default icons on their branded.

Characteristics and performance

The heart of the device is a 4-core processor Mediatek MT8161, clocked at 1.3 GHz. GPU Mali-T720 is responsible for the graphics. For those who are worried about memory, Lenovo has prepared a 2 GB RAM and 32 GB with the possibility of flash memory to increase the latter by means of a microSD memory card. From wireless capabilities Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth and NF are availableC. 3G / LTE module, alas, is not present.

In synthetic tests all predictable. In AnTuTu tablet scored 34,000 points. In Geekbench 4 – 565 (1554 points in the CPU test), 797 points in the Compute test.

And now for the games. The Dead Trigger 2 is playable at medium graphics settings, but with these settings can be seen subsidence FPS. Comfortable to play on low settings. The situation is similar with the Real Racing 3.

Sound and cameras

Lenovo TAB3 10 Business has stereo speakers – it is a huge plus. If the quality of the audio track in the movie at a good level, you can even hear a stereo effect as in the cinema. Also worth noting the presence of Dolby ATMOS technology. Of the minuses – the location of the speakers. If you decide to listen to music on the tablet and put it on the table – no more music in your life. Speakers are closed and almost unheard.


And now for the cameras. The device has two cameras: an 8 megapixel main and front 5 megapixel. Do not wait for something good from the cameras, they are mediocre. The main camera is useful only if you need to take a picture of something urgent, and you have no other devices. Or, to take pictures of documents and business cards. With front camera the situation is similar. The camera is perfect for conferences in Skype, but not for some cool selfies etc.


Battery life

But in terms of the autonomy of the tablet I am very pleased. Lenovo TAB3 10 Business equipped with a battery capacity of 7000 mAh. That will be enough for 1-1.5 days of active office work. Which is a great result. Moreover the tablet provides about 8-9 hours at a screen brightness level of 70%.


Lenovo TAB3 10 Business – a good tablet, not only for business but also for the home. For its cost it copes with all tasks that are necessary to the average user. However, it is not suitable for games, playing is possible only on the minimum graphics settings, but for all the rest of purposes you can safely take this product.



Other models could be displayed, if this is not in catalog for your region.

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