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Huawei Watch Fit 2 Review: Stylish and Hi-Tech


In May this year, Huawei introduced a new line of sports gadgets. Including the Huawei Watch Fit 2. Today we will get acquainted with this beautiful gadget.

huawei watch fit 2We will tell you in detail about the Watch Fit 2, what makes it unique, and whether the high price  at which the gadget is sold is justified (from 150 to 260 dollars, depending on the color of the case and strap).

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How does Watch Fit 2 differ from Watch Fit

You are probably interested in this, because the models are almost identical. The screen of the novelty has become a little bigger – by 0.1 inches. The dimensions have not changed much, except that the body of the Watch Fit 2 has become 3 mm wider. In general, the parameters are identical, but Watch Fit 2 has new features.

In particular, the ability to receive calls, answer messages with templates, download music to memory and listen to it through a speaker or wireless headphones, Always On mode. The Healthy life app has also been added, which we’ll talk about in more detail below, a compass, running training analysis, and stretching tips.

Specifications of  Huawei Watch Fit 2

  • Dimensions: 46,0×33,5×10,8 mm
  • Wrist size: 140-210 mm
  • Weight: 30 g without straps
  • Screen: AMOLED, 1,74″
  • Resolution: 336×480, PPI 336
  • Casing materials: aluminum and polymers
  • Straps: fluorelastomer, leather, metal (Milanese loop)
  • Sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, optical heart rate monitor
  • Buttons: one on the side
  • Battery: 292 mAh, 5В/1A, magnet charging contacts at the back
  • Water insulation: 5 ATM (submerging down to 50 m)
  • Bluetooth: 2,4 GHz, 5.2 BR+BLE
  • OS: Harmony OS

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Market positioning and price

If you compare the novelty with other devices of the company (for example, Fit and Fit New), it turns out that Watch Fit 2 has many useful features – the ability to receive calls, remote work and always on. The Huawei Watch Fit line itself has many colors, as well as different strap options. Therefore, the price will also depend on your choice. Here is an example of the price in Poland (until the end of the month discounts celebrate of the start of sales):

Huawei Watch Fit 2

For the Active Edition version with a fluoroelastomer strap you need to pay 159 euros, for the classic version of the watch with a leather strap (this version is in our review) they want 199 euros. And the most expensive modification of the Elegant Edition with a gold or silver bracelet like the “Milan loop” costs 249 euros.

Huawei Watch Fit 2

Delivery Set

Smart watch comes with: charging cable, instructions and warranty. The company keeps following the eco-friendly trend, so the charger is not provided.

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Design of Huawei Watch Fit 2

Let’s move on to the appearance of the smart watch. The design of the device is thoughtful and innovative. The screen alone is worth a lot! It’s a delight for the eyes. Rectangular display is a good solution, it is convenient to perceive the content in this way. We must not forget about the harmonious combination of the screen and the strap.

watch fit2

Our version has a leather strap, it looks gorgeous. The option is suitable for any outfit and occasion. The leather, being white in addition, gives the watch an expensive and elegant look.

watch fit2

The case is made of different materials. The smart watch has a polymer textured case with a glossy polished stainless steel bezel. Aluminum at the front and polymer at the back. Why placing materials this way? Because ‘material allocation’ of this kind provides effective protection of the device from falling, as well as resistance to sweat during trainings. If the watch falls into the water, the degree of protection of 5 ATM will ensure its complete safety.

The strap is comfortable, has many perforations for fixing. You can adjust the width, and securely lock a comfortable position. The clasp is made of stainless steel.

An interesting feature – the strap is attached to the body with the common watch ‘telescopes’ (as seen in the photo). But this is not the only option!

Huawei also has an Easy Fit mount system that unbuttons at the touch of a flat button on the inside of the watch (as with the Apple Watch). Press it, and one part of the strap will be unbuckled. This way the strap can be quickly replaced with another without any additional tools, it is similar to Lego, since to assembling and disassembing the gadget is quick and easy. You can find many suitable straps with telescopic mounts on the net.

huawei watch fit 2

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The watch has a screen size of 1.64 inches and a resolution of 336×480 pixels.

huawei watch fit 2

The display is vivid and colorful.  It’s AMOLED, and that explains it. The frame of the screen is thin, so the frame itself does not interfere with the perception of content, every element and detail is visible.

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huawei watch fit 2The image on the watch is clear due to its good resolution. The brightness level of the screen is adjusted in the ‘Settings’ on the device itself, there is toggle that can be dragged up and down. Maximum brightness is more than enough, even on a sunny day.

There are really a lot of dials. Most of them are paid, and you can choose any in the application. But there are free options, and they are no worse. Everyone will find something for themselves.

An additional advantage of this device is that there is the Always on Display function. And it makes life much easier, you don’t have to press a button or turn your wrist every time to check what time it is. The type of AoD screen depends on the selected dial, it may be analog dial or digital.

Here is a comparison of the regular dial (left) and its AoD version (right):

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Interface and controls

The smartwatch runs on Huawei’s proprietary operating system, Harmony OS 2.0. For example, a round watch Huawei Watch GT 3 is also based one same OS, a review of which we published late last year.

The screen in Watch Fit 2 is touch-sensitive. There is a button on the case on the right side of the display  that activates the screen and performs the ‘back’ function. There are sensors on the back of the watch that help monitor the health of the user, as well as contacts for charging.

Huawei Watch Fit 2

Swipe down opens the screen with settings icons and Do Not Disturb mode. Here the watch will help to find the phone, you can also set an alarm.

watch fit2

Moving the home screen up opens the notification curtain. Huawei emphasizes that the new version of the watch has quick responses to messages, however, when connected to the iPhone, this feature could not be found.

Huawei Watch Fit 2But it works well with Android. However, the answers are built-in, you can not change them for your own.

Huawei promises that quick responses will be added to other applications with software updates, but so far they are only available in SMS. Viewing messages is not available for all applications. However, the most important of them still work (Instagram, Gmail, Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, etc.). Unfortunately, Fit 2 doesn’t show any smileys in the messages – it’s a bit disappointing, but not for everyone. The maximum length of the displayed text is 460 characters, as in other HarmonyOS-based watch.

A nice addition is that for incoming calls you can not only reject them, but also talk through the watch on the speakerphone. The interlocutor is clearly audible through the speaker, your speech is also clearly transmitted. If necessary, you can mute the microphone.

Swipe to the left shows the weather forecast screen for your area and the widget responsible for playing music. You can switch tracks, adjust the volume.

watch fit2

Most functions are displayed when swiping the screen from right to left. The first screen shows a heart rate chart – the main health indicator. Another similar gesture to the left shows saturation, swipe again and you will see the weather and missed or incoming calls. An interesting feature is the ‘Phases of the Moon’ function, I’ve never seen anything like it before. In addition, the screen shows a beautiful picture of the moon in a given phase. The last swipe opens the general schedule of user activity. Here you can change, disable, and swap the widgets.

All functions/apps can be viewed at the same time by pressing the physical button twice. Among other things, there are options such as training, activity records, statistics, heart rate, saturation level, sleep, breathing exercises, music, compass, flashlight, settings and more. The menu can be displayed as a list or a grid of icons.

I didn’t really have to get used to the watch for long, it’s comfortable to work with. Of course, I would like the functions to be sorted by the principle of Health, Settings and so on. Because at first the search for the required function takes a long time. Below you can see what the Settings tab contains.

The watch’s memory can ‘hold’ up to 5,000 songs, according to information in the settings, there are as much as 23,540 MB of free storage space. You can also listen to music through the built-in mono speaker, although this is, of course, a perversion, it is better to connect wireless headphones. You can leave your phone at home when going for a run!

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Huawei Health app

huawei watch fit 2

The device works with Huawei Health app. It can be downloaded from the Play Store, but if you use an Android smartphone, do not download the application from there, because due to sanctions there is no current version. It is better to download Huawei Health from Huawei website.

Here’s how the iOS looks like:

And here’s Huawei Health for Android:

If you want to quickly connect the device to the app, you can use the QR code that appears when you first connect the watch.

The application is convenient and multifunctional. Below are 4 main tabs: Health, Exercise, Gadgets, Me (your account). The home screen displays the number of steps and activity statistics. Below the user can see all the health parameters that are read by Fit 2, there are also tips on healthy living.

The new Healthy Living Management utility helps you develop healthy skills such as water control or regular exercise. It is enough to specify the goal you want to achieve (it can be improved well-being, weight loss, etc.), the system will analyze the task and create a unique plan. All эhealthy changesэ are recorded in the system, so you can monitor your progress and enjoy the results.

On the main screen of the Health app there are also statistics of weight, stress, saturation, blood pressure. I want to note that these are approximate results, you should not treat the watch as a medical device, but it is better to see a doctor in case if you have any chronic diseases.

Watch Fit 2 offers 11 training modes on the main screen. The device itself shows only a few basic positions, such as walking at home, in the fresh air, as well as running in the fresh air or swimming, but you can add many additional training options. In total, the model has 97 training modes! This is something amazing, I did not expect such a choice: dance (even belly dancing, ballet), equestrian sports, taekwondo, karate and much more!

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User experience with Watch Fit 2

During the test, I liked to walk with a watch and count the steps: you want the number of steps to increase, and at the same time you are accompanied by a good device, it’s simply  a godsend for active people! Therefore, when I trained, I felt double the joy – so many different options for activity, and each of them counts calories differently, it depends on the chosen mode and complexity of training.

Huawei Watch Fit 2

I was afraid that the leather strap would rub my wrists while running. However, this did not happen, the skin was not irritated, I did not have any allergic reactions that could occur in the case of rubber straps.

Battery life of Huawei Watch Fit 2

How long can a watch run on a single charge? The manufacturer says that the device will last for 7 days of active use or 10 days less active. In standby mode, the gadget can run for up to 30 days.

During the tests, I did not use constant heart rate monitoring and saturation measurements, but I checked these parameters from time to time. During the day, when the messages were turned on, the watch discharged by 8-10%. It follows that the device does not need to be charged every 3 days – and this is a plus. On average, 8-10 days of use was real for me.

watch fit2

While using Watch Fit 2, I realized that I wanted to hold a real test of the watch, so I turned on all possible features for 3 days. And I must admit, Watch Fit 2 withstood the stress test and did not fail. There was still about 35% charge left after this test.

The gadget is charged by a cable with a magnetic connector, charging takes about 1-1.5 hours.

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Does the device have decent performance, and is it not too expensive? Yes, the price is not the lowest, but let’s admit that the smart watch is equipped with everything you need. Sleep monitoring, saturation level, pressure, various training modes, even a microphone for telephone conversations. There is a lack of payment in stores through the NFC.

huawei watch fit 2

Did this model surprise me? Undoubtedly. I did not expect that Huawei will be able to create a versatile and beautiful device (remember that you can choose different colors and material of the strap). Therefore, I recommend Huawei Watch Fit 2 for purchase if you want to have both a ‘medical assistant’ and a ‘personal trainer’ in one device.

Huawei Watch Fit 2

We should not forget that Huawei is not the only company that has released a good smartwatch in a rectangular format. Let me name the alternatives: OPPO Watch Free, Amazfit GTS 3.

Where to buy


Huawei Watch Fit 2 Review: Stylish and Hi-Tech

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Huawei has created a versatile and very beautiful device (you can choose different color options and strap materials). Yes, the price is not the lowest, but we must admit that the watch has all the possible features, except, perhaps, payment in stores. Sleep monitoring, saturation, pressure, many activities and even a speaker for phone calls. We recommend Watch Fit 2 for purchase if you want to have a 'medical assistant' and a 'personal trainer' in one gadget.
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1 year ago

Is any silicon strap replaceable with the leather one in the huawei watch fit 2 classic version?

1 year ago

Thank you for the detailed review!

Huawei has created a versatile and very beautiful device (you can choose different color options and strap materials). Yes, the price is not the lowest, but we must admit that the watch has all the possible features, except, perhaps, payment in stores. Sleep monitoring, saturation, pressure, many activities and even a speaker for phone calls. We recommend Watch Fit 2 for purchase if you want to have a 'medical assistant' and a 'personal trainer' in one gadget.Huawei Watch Fit 2 Review: Stylish and Hi-Tech