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Writing Video Game Reviews: Expert Tips and Tricks


If you want to become a blogger in the gaming industry, or just share your opinion about one video game, you should approach such writing carefully. It is not an essay or a paper that would be read by a professor but a review that is most likely to be seen by many online users. Below, you will find expert tips and tricks on how to write video game reviews that will definitely draw one’s attention and make one subscribe to follow you.

Plan Your Writing

First off, you have to set a goal for why you want to write a review. For example, it can be a simple desire to write a review on your favorite video game because you are the biggest fan of it. Then, you want to write a review with ads integration, hence, earn some money. Finally, writing video game reviews can be just a practice of writing skills.

If you fall for the first category – you are a fan of the selected video game, everything is simple because you won’t lack any arguments, or opinions about the game. If you belong to those who write reviews for money, you have to pull up your socks. If boosting writing skills is your goal, just work on your vocabulary to deliver great ideas.

When the above-mentioned struggle is solved, start planning your writing. Yes, you need to get rid of distractions. Then, you have to understand the approximate word count for your review. Ideally, it should be 1,000 words on average. Long reads are hard to read while short reviews may seem like a not serious joke. Now, let’s move to the expert tips and tricks.

Writing Video Game Reviews

  • You Have to Play a Video Game (if you have never played it before) during 8-10 hours minimum

8-10 hours are pretty enough to familiarize yourself with the main theme of the game, its features, settings, and such aspects as visuals and audio effects. If it is a newly launched video game, gamers expect to read about it within 1 week of time, so distribute your time appropriately.

  • Divide the Info about Game in Blocks

While playing, you have to review different aspects separately. For instance, make an outline with such titles – Developer, Playability, Design, Features, Settings, Overall Opinion. About the developer, you can learn further on, while playability, design, features, and settings can be written about during your gameplay. After playing for 10 hours, you can proceed with your unbiased opinion about the video game. Yet, try to put yourself in the shoes of different categories of players – those who love certain themes, and features, and those who do not love them – then combine it all in one conclusion.

  • Specify What Can Be Improved

When you want to say that something is bad or sucks, you have to provide arguments or decorate your sayings in more mild words, strange it may sound. For instance, instead of saying – The weapon within the video game is bad, say something like that – The weapon purchases could be greater in variety.

  • Compare the Video Game with Other Gaming Solutions

If the video game falls for a certain category of games, and there were prequels, you can proceed with comparing the two. Ideally, readers love to see tables or lists of comparisons that make it easier to understand in short the perks of both games. Again, abstain from criticizing, introducing shortly your reader to distinctions and similarities.

  • Dedicate One Paragraph to Your Personal Opinion

As was hinted above, you should provide readers only with unbiased opinions and criticism. You can share with them some feedback about your gameplay. For instance, you can add the rating of the game, like 4 out 5. Otherwise, you can also let yourself recommend the game or not to others.

  • Refer to Facts

Gamers love reading about numbers. Therefore, you can add some information about the technical aspect of the video game reviewed. For instance, which operating systems it will fit, what the graphics ratings are, among others. Beyond that, you can seek feedback from renowned gamers who have shared their opinions on the same video game.

  • Proofread the Review

When everything is done in terms of writing, similarly to essays, you have to spend time editing and proofreading it. After that, if possible, share it with your friends who are dedicated gamers too. Let them tell you sincere feedback about your written work. After that, leave it to rest for someday (it does not concern newly launched video games that you want to be among the first ones to review). Within a few days, you can re-read the review, and add some new information or just understand that it can be finally submitted online.

After the publication of the video game review, overlook the online feedback of it. You do not need to concentrate much on views but on comments from people. Ideally, there should be feedback that will hint you at what can be improved in your writing. Otherwise, you can also add at the end of your review – Feel Free to share your opinion about my review. For those novice gaming reviewers, – if you do not receive any feedback, do not write it off as lost.

Last but not the least tip for those who need to write a video game review. If you guys cannot cope with such writing, the easiest thing to say – do not even start because this niche is occupied by true fans. If you just experience hurdles with finding time for one certain video game, you may contact professional custom writing services e.g. Custom Writings where essay experts may assist you online. Such writing companies are staffed by those who love video games too and can write a great review, while you do not need to stop posting on your blog. Still, do remember that there is nothing better than managing such writing alone.

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