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Japanese Scientists Introduced an Artificial Gravity Concept


What is weightlessness and how does it affect the human body? Many people wonder what it’s like to float in weightlessness on a space station. But very few people think about the consequences of this weightlessness.


During a long stay in space in weightless conditions, muscles are atrophied, bone marrow functions are suppressed, the immune system is “stormed”, cosmonauts begin to suffer from allergic reactions, and a constant feeling of a blocked nose. Plus, the normal functioning of the body’s reproductive systems is impossible, and without it, long-term space travel and colonization are impossible.

And this is only part of what weightlessness can do to the human body. Therefore, if the issue of artificial gravity is not resolved, not only long space travel, but also extraterrestrial colonies will be impossible. And the technology of artificial gravity is still in its infancy.

One of the early developments in this direction is a joint project between Kyoto University and Kajima Corporation (one of Japan’s oldest and largest construction companies). During the press conference, the project of artificial gravity was presented, which is realized (so far in theory) in the form of a huge cone-shaped structure, capable of rotating with enough power and speed to achieve the force necessary to simulate Earth’s gravity. This would allow humans to walk, run, jump, and perhaps most importantly, reproduce and give birth on the moon or perhaps even on Mars.

According to Japanese experts, they want to implement a similar project by 2050 on the moon. The project is very ambitious, although it is not yet clear how and in what way the construction of such a complex will take place. Will it be manufactured in parts and delivered to the site by rocket carriers, or will the entire complex be built on site via a space factory, that has to be built as well. There is a number of questions to which there are no answers yet, but the goal is clear and it is already mean something. So, implementation is only a matter of time.

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