Root NationNewsGoogle Pixel devices are set to get Instagram Ultra HDR photo support

Google Pixel devices are set to get Instagram Ultra HDR photo support


The Samsung Galaxy S24 series got the Instagram Ultra HDR photo support at launch, and now Google Pixel devices are preparing to get it as well. This feature lets devices upload and view photos on Instagram in Ultra HDR, which improves their quality. This is a feature that most Pixel users on Instagram have waited for its arrival for quite a while now.

According to new reports, the Pixel 7 series, Pixel 8 series, and Pixel Fold will all get this feature. Considering the impressive camera features that these devices flaunt, this feature will come in handy for their users. Once this feature rolls out for users, they can wave goodbye to uploading photos with reduced quality to Instagram, hence showing off its full colour and contrast.

Google Pixel devices are set to get Instagram Ultra HDR photo support

Access to this feature won’t be provided to Pixel devices by Instagram but by Google instead. It will be part of the Pixel drop features to make an entry this month and will be exclusive to some devices the brand owns. As we stated earlier, this Pixel feature drop for March will bring support for Ultra HDR photos on Instagram to only a few devices.

The devices in question will be all entries in the Pixel 7 line-up, the Pixel 8 line-up, and the Pixel Fold. Possibly, with future Pixel features dropping, the Pixel 6 series might also get this feature as well. We can’t be sure of that at this moment, but we know that users of the devices mentioned above will be able to reach their device’s full photography potential on Instagram.

This Ultra HDR photo support feature won’t be the only thing coming to Pixel devices with the March feature drop. The Pixel 7 series will also get the Circle to Search feature alongside a host of other entries. There are also some improvements to the call-screening feature that users of Pixel 6 and newer devices can look out for.

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