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Lenovo demonstrated a concept laptop without a screen


Lenovo has developed a “smart laptop” concept called MOZI, which combines a PC, projector and keyboard into a compact body. Although it is unclear whether MOZI will ever see the light of day as a commercial unit, the project recently received a Red Dot Design Award, and it’s an interesting look at what a laptop might look like in 2022.

When PC makers have been playing with laptop design for decades, for the most part, one thing has remained the same: you have a keyboard and a display. Sometimes the display is in the form of a removable tablet, but in most modern laptops it is either an LCD screen or an OLED screen.

The MOZI concept completely eliminates such a display. Instead, it uses a built-in projector. You can use a separate projector screen, or you can set MOZI in front of a wall or other surface to use without a screen at all.

Lenovo MOZI

Although the description on the Red Dot Awards page refers to a “separate screen” for projection, there are no images of this screen, so it is unclear whether MOZI has an ultra-short-throw projector designed to work with a screen directly above it or if you need to put a projection screen a few meters from him.

According to the product description, the projector has a “low ratio of blue light”, which is in line with current trends in laptop displays. MOZI also has a “retractable keyboard” that slides out of the computer case when you need it, but can be hidden if you want to save space when using the projector for media viewing or when moving MOZI from place to place.

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