Root NationNewsMotorola Moto AI might be preparing to hit the launch stage as it gets teased

Motorola Moto AI might be preparing to hit the launch stage as it gets teased


Many smartphone companies are releasing their AI systems and Motorola is preparing to join the squad with the Moto AI. A few hours ago, the smartphone brand took to its official X page to share an image prompting that they are working on an AI system. This AI system, just like other smartphone AI systems, will be in use on Motorola devices once it hits the launch stage.

Just a few hours before Motorola’s X post on their coming AI system, Apple showed off its own AI system at the WWDC 24 conference. A few months before this announcement, Samsung also launched the Galaxy AI system for use on flagship Samsung devices. Ahead of the pack was Google, which announced the arrival of Gemini last year at the launch of the Google Pixel 9 series.

Moto AI

Bringing AI features onboard smartphones is now a trend for smartphone brands, and Motorola doesn’t want to take the back seat on this ride. At this moment there are no details on the functions of this coming Moto AI system or its functions and how it’ll be put to use. Also, we aren’t sure if this Moto AI system is in the works because there is no official statement on it, and the X post gives no details as well.

However, what we know at this time is that Motorola is preparing to launch a ton of flagship and foldable smartphones. Some of which we might get to see next month, these devices might be the pioneers of the Moto AI smart system. Just like other smartphone brands, this coming AI model from Motorola might aim to make everyday smartphone usage more convenient.

It might make this possible by attaching itself to Motorola flagship devices as a smart assistant. By simply giving it prompts this system, just like Gemini, Galaxy AI, or even the new Apple Intelligence system, will perform tasks for the user. While this news is exciting, we still need to wait for more details from Motorola concerning this AI system that they might be working on.

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