Root NationNewsNokia Lumia might be resurrected in the form of the HMD Skyline smartphone

Nokia Lumia might be resurrected in the form of the HMD Skyline smartphone


According to new reports, the Nokia Lumia entry might be coming back under HMD, this might take place soon. Our sources have already spotted an HMD device with the design styling of Nokia’s popular design entry. While this coming HMD device might not follow the path the Lumia took by running on Windows, it’ll just copy its form factor.

The HMD device in question that copies the Lumia’s design language is known as the Skyline. This means that we should brace up for the return of a rectangular smartphone shape with pointy edges. Despite the pointy edges, the screen on the coming Skyline will be curved at its edges, hence avoiding the smartphone’s pointy edges.

HMD Skyline

I was a big fan and user of the Nokia Lumia smartphone back in the day. However, with the change of the structuring of Nokia’s business, the Lumia smartphone line-up came to a sad end. Fans and users had to wave goodbye to their Windows-powered smartphones and welcome a new era for Nokia, as a new line-up was coming.

Available images of this coming HMD device show it off in two colour options, being yellow and blue. This is quite similar to what the Nokia Lumia series offered, as the Windows-powered smartphone was available in a ton of eye-catching colour options. As for the coming HMD Skyline specifications, this device will be marketed as a midrange device, hence packing impressive features.

Its specifications include a 120Hz FHD+ screen, and a dual rear camera setup (with PureView photography technology) housing a 108MP main camera. Up front will be a 32MP selfie sensor and this device will be powered by the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor and a 4900mAh battery capacity. More details on this device will hit the internet as we approach its official launch.

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