Root NationNewsEveryone on Earth can watch the Parade of Planets in June

Everyone on Earth can watch the Parade of Planets in June


From the beginning of June, everyone on Earth can enjoy a parade of 5 visible planets. Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will be bright enough to be seen with the naked eye. Uranus is also on the line, but it requires dark skies and binoculars to be visible. At the same time, Neptune will be visible in the morning sky in the constellation of Aquarius, but you’ll require a telescope to see it.

five-planet alignment

The Parade of Planets is a visual spectacle available only to people on Earth. For an outside observer looking “from above” at the solar system, you will see just the usual cluster of planets that just happened to be on one side of the sun. However, from the Earth, due to the lack of perception of depth, it seems that all the planets are next to each other.

The parade of planets can be seen shortly before sunrise. However, it is worth noting that if a person is in the Southern Hemisphere, you should look over the horizon to the east and south; if in the North Hemisphere, then to the east and north. The perfect time for observation would be at dawn, 45 minutes before sunrise. The time of sunrise will change day by day, so do not forget to adjust the alarm.

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