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Valve warns Steam Deck owners against gaming in heat


In an official tweet, Valve recommends owners of the Steam Deck portable game console not to play on their devices outside in the heat. The warning comes amid reports of extreme heatwave in the UK and Europe.

The Steam Deck manufacturer emphasizes that the portable gaming device works best in an ambient temperature of 0 to 35°C. If the temperature exceeds the limit, the Steam Deck’s built-in mechanism will reduce performance to protect itself. And during the heatwave, this limit is well exceeded. For example, in the UK the temperature exceeded the mark of 40°C, which is a new record for the country.

Steam Deck

Valve explains that the custom quad-core AMD APU (codenamed Aerith) inside the Steam Deck runs smoothly at temperatures up to 100°C. But as soon as the temperature exceeds that threshold, the Steam Deck will throttle the chip, reducing overall performance. In the worst case scenario, when the temperature reaches 105°C, the Steam Deck will shut down completely to prevent overheating and preserve the integrity of the device.

Nintendo Switch

Valve is not the first company to advise its customers not to use their devices in a hot environment. A week earlier, Nintendo took to Twitter to issue a similar warning to Nintendo Switch owners. The Japanese manufacturer believes that 35° C is the maximum safe temperature of the environment.

Nintendo also recommended Switch users to clean the air inlets and outlets and leave at least 10 cm of free space around them.

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