Root NationNewsThe TikTok search highlight feature is currently undergoing testing

The TikTok search highlight feature is currently undergoing testing


This new TikTok search highlight feature under testing highlights the use of artificial intelligence in our lives. We learn that this feature uses artificial intelligence to gather the basic information from searches that TikTok users make. According to the reports on this topic, AI-generated reports will be more robust, giving users more access to information from their searches.

At this moment this feature isn’t available to everyone as it is still in its testing phase. However, our source was able to try out the feature and get a first-hand user experience with it on their device. Basically what the new TikTok search highlight feature does is to explain the result of each search users make.

TikTok search highlight feature

This is a faster way to access information that the user needs instead of watching each video individually to gather information. Just like the name of this AI-generated feature implies, it highlights the main points that users might need from each of their TikTok searches. With each search, the TikTok search highlight feature pops up a run-down of the essential information that the user needs at the top of the page.

Our source tried searching for a chia seed pudding recipe and got an AI-generated run down of information from the videos the search pulled up. This information listed the materials they needed for the recipe, as well as the quantity and other details. All these details are from the AI system’s analysis of all the videos for the search result.

TikTok is trying to make things a bit easier for its users, hence experimenting with new features along the way. At this moment, the TikTok search highlight feature is under testing, and we might not see it on our devices anytime soon. But once the testing is complete and this feature rolls out, we’ll be able to access it via a TikTok OTA upgrade on Android and IOS.

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