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Nokia 3310 new: nostalgia, failure or desire to earn?


It’s been a while since the world saw the new Nokia 3310. But I have not read so many discussions, arguments, articles, sayings for a very long time. Even people who do not understand anything in phones are discussing this event vigorously.

Some are delighted and full of expectations, others, having made a clever face, on the contrary believe that this is a stupid idea. I also want to speak on this topic.


Undoubtedly, Nokia 3310, that old, unkillable, soundly, legendary phone, which became one of the symbols of the era of Nokia. Era when the guys from Finland ruled the world, when the competitors nervously waited for what new genius they would come up with. Their phones enjoyed unprecedented popularity. Nokia 3310 is not just a phone. This is nostalgia for many, including me, nostalgia for youth, nostalgia for those times when everything was done soundly and qualitatively.


When I first heard that the company HMD Global Oy, which bought from Microsoft the right to the Nokia brand, decided on a desperate step – to reanimate the legendary 3310, I realized that the good old Nokia is gone. Therefore, I was not very disappointed about this. I understood very well that remakes are not always good. Hollywood has already proved this.

Another surprised. For the first time in many years, at the MWC in Barcelona, everyone was not expecting the presentation of some next flagship from the “leaders” of the market, who will show how they changed the case compared to the past, how the camera shoots, “wow, also double” (though, Still not useful to anyone), how they will change or, rather, place this Home button (as if the user’s life depends on it). No, everyone crowded around the HMD stand and tried to touch the Nokia 3310.


Moreover, it should be noted that the presentation was watched not only by specialists and journalists, but also by ordinary users, which happens very rarely. I saw how many of my acquaintances were interested in this presentation. Ordinary people, not experts, discussed the new Nokia 3310. Someone will say that the presentation disappointed. And what did you expect? Again that Nokia 3310? Or for $ 50 you want ultra-modern device with ultra-modern filling?

The company HMD Global Oy has achieved the main goal of this whole event – people talk about it and will talk. That was the main goal. Even if it’s not a good old Nokia, even if not the Finns with their brilliant ideas. But for my generation, and not only, nostalgia sometimes plays a big role. As one friend of mine said: “Though I remembered my youth. I remembered how I saved money on it. How happy was buying it. How nice it was to see it again”. Worth it.

Is it failure?

Immediately all our “experts” started talking about the failure of Nokia 3310 new. Partly they are right. Yes, there will not be those 126 million sales, that bright legendary glory too, but it will be sold, that’s for sure. There will be millions of fans who just want to buy it, turn it in their hands, maybe even use it for a while.

Even today’s young people want to buy it, to boast, to play Snake on a button Nokia 3310 new, and not on the smartphone touch screen.

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Some experts are beginning to write that for this money you can now buy a smartphone, that there are similar devices much better (or maybe not) than the Nokia 3310 new. I can answer them in their own words. For any bought flagship, which costs a lot of money, you can always buy a cheaper smartphone and for the remaining money even a month to live peacefully. HDM Global promises that the battery life of the 3310 will last for a month in standby mode or for 22 hours of continuous operation – this is “endurance” smartphones can not even dream about. But everyone has the right to decide for himself what to buy, everyone has the right to praise or condemn the choice of another.

About sales, as well as success or failure, it is worth talking at least after a month of those sales.

Earning money?

Immediately everyone started talking about the fact that, allegedly, the company HMD Global Oy shamelessly plays on the feelings of fans of the legendary Nokia, is trying to earn. I understand them perfectly. In business, all means are good. They bought the brand, of course they want to earn. Why not?

I understand that the skepticism about the fact that HMD Global Oy is a Chinese company will be inherent in many “experts” for a long time. But do not forget that under the wing of the new company, almost all Nokia employees returned. Of course, Jorma Jaakko Ollila is no longer at the helm of the company, yes, all production is in China (although what kind of production is not in China), but changes in the world of smartphones are needed. The emergence of a new player, quite well-known, although in the past, should stir this swamp. I am 100% sure that Samsung has not specially shown its flagships at the exhibition in Barcelona, ​​understanding that Nokia 3310 will eclipse them. It is eclipsed, of course, not by innovations and technical characteristics, but as the main news maker of the exhibition.

Even if HMD Global Oy shamelessly uses nostalgic feelings of fans, even if their new smartphones are of an average level and did not surprise much by anything. Although, after reading the early reviews of Nokia 3, 5, 6, I found myself thinking that it’s better to buy them than the crafts from Meizu and others. The first pre-orders on Nokia 6 showed that HMD Global Oy will still earn money.

What actually was it?

For me, the presentation of Nokia 3310 new is a kind of message to the current market leaders, a hint that everything is not forever under the moon. The world changes, adapts, rebuilds. At any moment, everything can drastically change. Now you are on top, and tomorrow – in the mud. Believe me, in Nokia this is well remembered and known.

Look at the new Nokia 3, 5, 6. They have a decent design, quality assembly (judging by the first reviews), good cameras and most importantly – “bare” Android. Personally, I have already got these distortions with firmware, the eternal desire of manufacturers to stand out. I want to get out of the box a new smartphone, turn it on, set up and use it. No, I have to learn a new menu, understand the tricks of the firmware. Perhaps that’s why almost everybody’s dream is to buy an iPhone and not bother.

Will I buy Nokia 3310 new?

I asked myself this question immediately after the presentation. Yes, I will. I’ll buy in order to try it, maybe I’ll even use it as a second phone. Most people do not care that there is no 3G, Wi-Fi, no applications to which the younger generation is accustomed. I was hinted here, how am I going to upload contacts there? Believe me, 8 out of 10 users still do not use synchronization, even, God, do not know that it’s possible. Nobody forbade notebooks and pens.

Do I advise you to buy Nokia 3310 new? If you want to remember the past or stand out from the crowd, then go to the store. Only $ 50, but how many emotions, how many feelings. Believe me, worth it.

Yuri Svitlyk
Yuri Svitlyk
Son of the Carpathian Mountains, unrecognized genius of mathematics, Microsoft "lawyer", practical altruist, levopravosek
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