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Closer Look At GamStop Software


The GamStop Software is the result of UKGC’s growing concern about problem gamblers. The GamStop is a multi-operator self-exclusion software that is completely free to all UK players. This program instils social responsibility amongst gamblers. This self-exclusion scheme is voluntary but once registered, it will not let punters participate in any casino websites and apps for the entire exclusion period.

Closer Look At GamStop Software

GamStop – An Introduction

GamStop acts as a regulator for any irregular gambling habits. For you to self-block from any gambling websites, your casino must be registered with the GamStop software. This move protects all the online casino players who are vulnerable to gambling addiction.

The program was set in motion from March 31st, 2020. All licensed bookmakers in the UK had to compulsorily register themselves in GamStop. So, all their online platforms and apps became linked to GamStop. But there are some non GamStop casinos that still work and accept British players according to the NonStopCasino report. This made all casino operators see to the fact that all punters in their websites seek to sign in to their GamStop integrated platform. This also made sure of another fact that now punters can cut gambling off their lives whenever they want.

The Registration Process For Gamblers

Registering on this platform is finished within 24 hours. Then the player gets blocked from gambling online. Take a closer look at the process of registering at GamStop successfully. It is very important to register by providing the correct and verified info. Some of the documents you will need for verification are:

  • Full name
  • Date Of birth
  • Residential Address
  • Mobile Number (including Pincode)
  • Email Address.

After you have verified your personal and contact details, you will need to choose the duration for which you want to be excluded from any sort of gambling activities. You can choose within 6 months or 1 year or 5 years.

Within a few minutes, you will be signed in. Within 24 hours of signing up, your self-exclusion scheme will be set in motion. After you are effectively signed in, you will be expected to submit answers to a questionnaire. This process aims to verify your identity using the Trans Union Provider. Trans Union provider is a third-party verification service provider currently used by GamStop.

Note that GamStop does not allow another person to register on your behalf. It checks the authenticity of your documents during the registration process itself. You are only allowed to assist others in the process.

Registration Process For Gamblers

You are taken to a portal where you recheck the details and info you have provided during the process. You can finalize your submission after properly skimming through your details.

Role Of Operators During And After Registration

Casino operators have a significant role to play once you register at GamStop. They overlook the following details:

  1. The user has to fill in registration details anew if the person isn’t a registered member. If the user is already registered with GamStop, the person needs only to fill in the login info.
  2. The operator needs to then recheck the login info by running some extra checks by matching the player account.
  3. If a record of a registered account is found to exist, then access will not be granted to any games.
  4. If no record exists and the user is allowed to continue betting.

The operator needs to find other self-exclusion schemes after the exclusion period for registered users expire. This will prevent the gambler from indulging in problem gambling in the future.

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Filtering The Marketing List

GamStop self-exclusion procedure also has another aspect to it. This is a technology that is used in the development of GamStop and its efficiency. Operators need to follow the below-given procedure to block any marketing emails from gambling operators.

  1. The operator first integrates itself with the GamStop API. The operator then builds a marketing list.
  2. The marketing list is now uploaded to GamStop.
  3. GamStop cross-checks and approves the request.
  4. The databases are searched thoroughly for any records that link or match the data provided.
  5. The bookmaker then receives the modified list with access to the database. This is done to collectively end any urge to gamble online by receiving any emails or messages.


The nationwide GamStop scheme employed by UKGC performs its duties with utmost efficiency. Many look up to this organization as a saviour from the harmful effects of gambling. UKGC has taken the right steps to safeguard its punters from unwelcome harm, debts, irrational behaviour, and huge losses.

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