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10 Best Free Hidden Spy App for Android Undetectable


When you need to keep track of your kids, employees, or just want to keep tabs on your significant other, you should use Spybubble like the best spy app, because it’s super-easy to install and virtually undetectable.

It was unheard of that a person would track their loved one’s live location in the recent past. However, the smartphone’s inception, especially with the Android platform, has made it seem so accessible that one would get astonished quickly. It is mainly possible to spy apps for Android.

An Android spy application can be helpful regardless of what is behind the user’s purpose of spying on another individual. However, such platforms are legal and ensure that people like employers, parents, and spouses keep an eye on the other person’s mobile device.

The user can get all the information on hidden spy apps for Android. We will discuss everything in this article that can allow the user to monitor their loved ones undetected.

10 Best Free Hidden Spy App for Android Undetectable

Part 1: Safespy – Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Android spying isn’t very useful, except if the user is doing it furtively without the phone’s owner knowing anything about it. Nonetheless, one would be amazed by the number of applications that don’t offer a secrecy mode. However, Safespy can follow an Android telephone subtly.

Safespy is a spying app accessible for both Android devices and iPhones. Its Android installation alone is utilized by a large number of individuals everywhere in the world. It provides phone tracking opportunities to the user while keeping their identity hidden from the target individual at all times. The dedicated stealth mode of the app allows that to come into fruition.


The web-based Control Panel of the service allows its user to control, screen, and view an Android phone’s information from any place in the world through any device. The platform’s interface is impeccable and offers users access to their preferred features quickly.

1.1: The Utilities offered by Safespy to Track an Android Device Undetected

The feature’s effectiveness could very well make or break any product, not just a spy app. The functions of the service should be accurate and must be able to complete their job quickly. In this section, we will share the top features of  Safespy.

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  • Location Tracker

A person couldn’t learn the location of their loved one without calling or texting them. Such practice generally developed between the concerned individual. However, it isn’t the case anymore.

The user can use Safespy’s Location Tracker feature to know which place the targeted person is visiting.

The app takes accurate assistance from Google Maps, the phone’s GPS, and Wi-Fi hotspots.  Safespy’s tracker likewise offers the geofencing feature, which is pretty useful.

Safespy: Location Tracker

  • Call Data Monitoring

In the recent past, the call was the primary function of the mobile phone. Though it has become secondary now, it still holds importance.  Safespy can track the call data of the targeted Android phone. It shows the user all the calls conducted on the target Android phone, alongside the timestamps and the contact details. It would allow the person to know who the other person is on the contact list.

  • Browser History Spying

The primary purpose of an Android phone is to access the internet on the go. It means that a user is likely to store all their data, account details, and other things on the device. If a person can access the browser history, they would know about the targeted individual’s usual routine.  Safespy can showcase the names of the sites visited, the time, and frequency.

Safespy: Browser History

  • Social Media Spy

Almost every individual uses social media across various platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. They share messages and media files instantly. These services are still a hunting ground for cyberbullies and predators, making it unsafe for children or teens.

Safespy provides the means for a parent to learn the social media chat history and their child’s account details. It can track all the apps mentioned above and more. Also you can read cheating spouse text messages free android.

1.2: The Method to Install Safespy on the Target Android Phone

 Safespy’s installation method on Android requires the user to manually pick up the device, install a dedicated app, and enable the account to start monitoring. After that, the user would never have to access the device ever again.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to the official website to create an account and purchase a  Safespy subscription. Click on the Pricing tab and it will lead you to a new page. Select a package that best fits your needs by clicking on Buy Now. From there, you will have to enter your email address. It will initiate the subscription process.

Safespy: Sign Up

Step 2: After subscribing, click on the Start Monitoring tab to access the Android set-up wizard, which will guide you through the installation process. Moreover,  Safespy will send an email with additional details related to the new account.

Step 3: After that, it will be time to download and Install the app on the device. Firstly, access the target device and enable the “Unknown Sources” option from the phone’s settings.

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Launch the app after installing it and enable System Service from the Accessibility settings. Enter the  Safespy login details and sign in using the registered account credentials. Check the “Hide the Application” option, which will enable the stealth mode and hide the app from the menu.

Step 4: Click on Start on the Dashboard of the Control Panel and begin the undetectable Android monitoring process.

Safespy: Dashboard

The pros and cons of the app are listed below:


  • The customer support is exceptional.
  • The application doesn’t require rooting the Android phone.
  • The platform can protect user data comprehensively.


  • There is no free trial associated with  Safespy.

Part 2: Spyic – Spy App for Android

Spyic is a mobile-tracking application that is designed for both Android and iOS. It is essential for data security. The platform’s top feature includes tracking social media apps and their chat history, user’s call records, and location. A stealth mode allows the user to track all activities undetected without rooting the Android phone.



  • It is also available for iOS devices.
  • It is user-friendly.


  • The subscription charges are expensive.

Part 3: Minspy – Free Android Spy App

If a person is looking to spy on an Android device without letting its owner know, Minspy is the answer. The reliable app offers to track every big and small activity conducted on the phone, which would allow the user to know if their loved one is safe or not. It performs tasks such as call/SMS, location, and social media tracking while remaining under stealth mode.



  • It is 100% safe and secure.
  • It offers all the utilities without requiring to jailbreak or root the device.


  • It cannot work without an internet connection.

Part 4: Spyzie – Best Android Spy App

Spyzie is a tracking application intended to be introduced on cell phones to learn or follow whatever the targeted individual is doing at some random time. The platform is safe and offers accurate services.



  • It is easy to use.
  • The user can uninstall apps on targeted phones via this app.


  • An internet connection is needed to track a person’s phone activities with accuracy.

Part 5: Spyine – Android Spy App

Spyine is another Android spy application with different functions that make keeping an eye on an Android phone simple, thanks to a user-friendly interface. The client can utilize the app to keep an eye on children, workers, and life partners from a safe distance. The installation process of Android requires the user to install the app once, without having to root the said device.


  • The user can check all the aspects of a targeted device with precision.
  • It is legal to use.


  • An internet connection is needed to track a person’s phone activities with accuracy.

Part 6: Neatspy – Best Spyware for Android

It’s a feature-rich Android phone spying platform that can allow users to view hordes of in-phone practices, including instant messages, call logs, and web history. All is done from miles away while keeping the user’s identity safe under the stealth mode.


  • It has an easy installation procedure.
  • There is no need to root the Android phone.


  • The interface needs a bit of overhaul.

Part 7: FoneMonitor – Hidden Spy App for Android

FoneMonitor is known as outstanding amongst other mobile monitoring platforms due to the effectiveness of its features to track both Android devices. There is no prior requirement for the user to possess some sort of technical knowledge to manage the device. The installation method is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. The app is small and remains undetected during the spying.


  • It is user-friendly.
  • It is legal and safe.


  • The Premium Edition lacks some advanced features.

Part 8: Teensafe – Android Spy App

Teensafe is a parental control platform that intends to allow the parents to know their children’s activity to keep them away from harm. It is available to monitor Android phones, but it can also track iOS devices without having to install any application. The user can access the Control Panel of the service from any web browser and track each activity on the phone at all times.


  • It can monitor many devices with the relevant subscription plan.
  • It can track the location of a targeted device via GPS with complete accuracy.


  • It has inconsistent customer support.

Part 9: Cocospy – Android Spy

Cocospy is an excellent tracking application to learn each bit of activity on iOS and Android devices. Cocospy is, at present, a notable brand that has a client base all over the globe. The user can utilize it to watch out or shield their kids from online perils. Moreover, the app and social media tracker can help the employer improve the office worker’s efficiency.


  • It has a straightforward sign-up procedure.
  • It has consistent customer support.


  • There is no recording or screenshot feature.

Part 10: Spyera

It is a parental control platform that spies on a children’s phone when installed or enabled. It ensures that they do not fall into any perilous circumstances. It remains undetected on both Android and iOS devices.


  • It can track location, messages, social media apps, etc.
  • It has a quick installation and invisible mode.


  • There is a necessity for jailbreak and rooting of the mobile device.

Part 11: How to Choose the Best Spy App?

Stealth mode makes a secure plan to keep an eye on the person’s targeted device. When the spying application is installed on the phone, the mode makes the application’s icon disappear. It doesn’t affect the working and accuracy of the app.

A reliable and efficient spy app should not ask the user to root the Android phone as it could open doors for much worse things, such as cyber-attacks. The option should be left for the user to decide. Suppose every feature is available without having to break the security barriers of the target device. In that case, it is a safe choice.


On the off chance that a user is looking for a working phone spying platform, then currently, there are several choices they can pick. This article is arranged for such users who wish to enable the best spy service to track their loved ones’ in-phone practices.

Here, we have discussed the top 10 apps for Android that remain undetected while the client monitors the targeted phone remotely. Moreover, we have shared the various criteria to check before picking a reliable platform for the task.

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Mr T
Mr T
2 years ago

Can you actuall read the sms, whatsapp, messenger messages, or is it just shown as a visit. ?

2 years ago

Good article! And I agree that most of these apps are noteworthy. But I would like to add another mSpy application that I have been using for a long time. And as for me, it’s really the best app. Yes, these applications are not free, but if these applications are outstanding, then as for me, they are worth paying for.

j eldet
j eldet
2 years ago

you call it free spyware. but is not. al payed services. change yr title. dont mislead people

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