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New products from Prologix: cases to create work or gaming desktops


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Prologix, a modern brand of computer equipment, has chosen technology, reliability and affordability as its main focus. The brand’s team forms a popular model range, offering partners and consumers only the best products, services and solutions.


And today we will consider several new models of cases from the popular lines of the manufacturer. Among the presented models you can choose enclosures to create professional, gaming or home desktop PCs.

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Prologix E103 Tempered Glass Black Сase 

The form factor of this enclosure is ATX, which allows you to mount ATX and mATX motherboards. Note that the size of the enclosure determines the way it is mounted and its size; the desktop format is larger and can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, while the tower group is more compact and can be placed vertically. The chosen enclosure should be of sufficient size to mount all planned spare parts and organise cables.

Prologix E103 Tempered Glass Black

Many Prologix models have a built-in 400W power supply, although there are variants without it, and there are also 3.5 and 2.5 bays with hard drive removal options.

Prologix E103 Tempered Glass Black

Some designs feature a transparent side window, front panel mesh and RGB fans. Most Prologix cases are made of sheet metal, resistant to mechanical damage. They are made in universal black colour, and gaming variants are equipped with backlighting.

Prologix E106 Slim Black Door 400W Сase

If self-assembly is a priority for you, the Prologix E106 Slim Black Door 400W is a good choice. This model is made in Slim DeskTop format from 0.5 mm thick metal in black colour.

Prologix E106 Slim Black Door 400W

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The E106 Tempered Glass Black blends in well with any interior and has one built-in branded fan, with room to mount an additional fan on the top wall and a power supply in the top compartment. The control system is located in the middle of the front of the case behind the door. This case is compact and not heavy – it measures 100×295×365 mm and weighs 3.25kg.

Prologix E106 Slim Black Door 400W

The E106 Tempered Glass Black also features forced shutdown and reboot buttons, two USB 3.x connectors and two audio headset jacks. There are two internal expansion card slots and space for all necessary cables and components.

Prologix E104 Mesh Black Case

The Prologix E104 Mesh Black case is designed in a Mini Tower form factor and allows you to mount mATX and ITX motherboards, making it versatile for a variety of configurations. This case has a number of features and capabilities that may appeal to those who love working systems. The case is black in colour, has a stylish and modern design, the PSU is horizontally mounted on top. The front panel of the case is louvred and has a removable wall as the opening mechanism.

Prologix E104 Mesh Black

Prologix E104 Mesh Black has 3 mounted fans on the front and rear panels to ensure efficient heat distribution within the system. It is also possible to install a liquid cooling system. The Prologix E104 Black case is made of steel, which ensures the case is sturdy and long lasting. The walls are 0.45 mm thick, the weight is 2.3 kg, and the dimensions are 173×275×350 mm.

Prologix E104 Mesh Black

Prologix E104 Mesh Black features a front panel with USB connectors, audio jacks (headphone and microphone) and other ports for easy connection of peripherals. This case provides ample space for hard drives, SSD drives, graphics cards and other components.

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