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Lenovo P2 review – long-playing classic


Small smartphones are gradually out of fashion. The latest innovations resemble rather phablets than miniature and convenient phones, which are easy to use with one hand. The buyer wants a bigger screen and a high resolution, an excellent camera, a very powerful hardware. And in addition, most users dream of having their gadget not only perform all functions correctly, but also work longer, because nobody wants to constantly carry an external battery. And dreams come true! Today I will tell you about such a phone, which you will charge every two, or even three days. Meet – Lenovo P2.

Design and ergonomics

By design, the P2 is very similar to its predecessor, the Lenovo P1. But now the smartphone has become a bit lighter and thinner. The frames around the display are not very wide, but if they could be narrowed, the front end would look much nicer.

Lenovo P2

Above the screen is the front camera, from the bottom – the home button, which is a fingerprint scanner.

The scanner works mediocrely. I often had to simply enter the password, because the button did not want to recognize my fingerprint.

The back cover and side faces of the phone are made of aluminum. Looks very stylish and modest. Due to the fact that the cover is matte, Lenovo P2 is comfortable to hold in your hand, it does not slip out and almost does not collect fingerprints.

On the top face there is a 3.5 mm jack for connecting the headset and microphone of the noise reduction system. From the bottom there is a microUSB port, the main speaker and a talking microphone.

On the right side, we see quite a standard layout of the volume button and the power button.

Lenovo P2

На левой грани находится гибридный слот под карту памяти и SIM-карту, а так же переключатель экономичного режима, который поможет вам сохранять заряд устройства еще дольше.

Lenovo P2

In general, the design of the Lenovo P2 is very nice – a classic, no frills – it should appeal to adults and business audiences. But if you treat yourself to youth, then the smartphone may seem ordinary and even boring.


Lenovo P2 received a SuperAMOLED matrix with a diagonal of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels. The colors are bright, juicy and contrasting, the viewing angles are excellent. The display has a slightly larger color gamut than conventional IPS screens.

Lenovo P2

On a sunny spring day, you will use a smartphone on the street with the same comfort as in a dimly lit room, the range of brightness is very wide. The screen surprised me pleasantly and I dare to take it to the merits of Lenovo P2.

Lenovo P2


The smartphone is equipped with a main camera at 13 megapixel with autofocus and dual LED flash. Also in the smartphone there is an application for the camera from Lenovo, which offers a number of proprietary functions.

Lenovo P2

With the factory settings, the Lenovo P2 camera takes pictures of average quality, but you can improve them using the manual shooting mode. In the evening, the photo shows noises and frames come out, as for me, quite bad. But, I always said and do not tire of repeating: good lighting is all for a quality shot!

Overall, Lenovo P2 camera is sufficient for daily needs – take a picture of the document or object, to capture an important moment, but too “artistic” shots should not be expected from it.

The front camera received a 5 megapixel sensor, good detail and a “face improvement” mode. The camera loves the camera more than completely.


Hardware and software

Lenovo P2 is based on a fairly powerful yet economical 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. There are as many as 4 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory and the ability to expand it with a memory card.

The smartphone runs on Android 6.0.1 and the proprietary shell of Vibe UI. The interface differs little from the “pure” Android, but there are several nice features, for example, a floating button with an additional menu under the thumb for easy one-handed operation. Also, you do not have to freeze your fingers in the cold – you can set up the glove control mode.

Lenovo P2

Applications run quickly, but at some points I was unpleasantly surprised. On the first day of use, while I was desperately trying to capture the night scenery, Lenovo P2 lagged, and after all, camera application just crashed. Well, this is not the proper behavior for a brand new smartphone in 2017.

In general, Lenovo P2 pleases with a simple, comfortable interface and user-friendly controls, but can grieve with small bugs.

Battery life

Well, we finally came to the sweetest. The main characteristic of the Lenovo P2, which completely overwhelms all its minor flaws. The battery capacity of 5100 mAh.

Well, just imagine, 5100! With very active use of the smartphone is quietly live 3 days, I have worked on one charge for 5 days. Can you imagine such a thing? I could not. Oh, this is a long forgotten feeling, when you absolutely do not worry about how much percent of the charge on your phone, do not get nervous before leaving the house with the thought “Did I take the charger?” And do not get a heart attack when, after leaving the city on a weekend, you realize that the cherished charging cord was left at home. This is a fairy tale embodied in reality, without superfluous words.


Well, let’s sum up. Lenovo P2 turned out to be a nice looking and very stylish classic smartphone. It is easy to use, has a productive iron and a sufficient amount of RAM and permanent memory. The cameras in the smartphone are average, but for daily use they are more than enough.

You will be pleased with the quality of the screen – its color rendition and viewing angles. You’ll just be crazy about his huge battery. But when using a smartphone, some applications can sometimes crash, which is not very pleasant. Forgive Lenovo P2 its small flaws or not – the choice is yours.

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