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Root NationNewsAndroid Auto MyRadar app is here with live radar and other features

Android Auto MyRadar app is here with live radar and other features


The Android Auto MyRadar app has launched for usage, and it brings a ton of interesting features. This new app is a radar-first weather app that gives users a new way to get updates on the weather conditions in their surroundings. It also gives users live weather updates along the route they are taking on the map with a feature known as RouteCast.

However, for users to access this feature, they need to pay the subscription to use MyRadar services. This app can also serve as a map along with its weather features for a more immersive experience. Testers are already trying it out on the car’s infotainment system, as it is available to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay users.

Those wishing to try this app out need to head over to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the app. With the app on the user’s device, they can then connect their device to their car’s infotainment system. For some cars, this connection will be wireless, while for others they’ll need to connect their device to the car’s infotainment with a USB-C cable.

Once running on the user’s vehicle’s infotainment system, this app will offer over 15 atmospheric weather variables. Users will get a forecast update “every 15 minutes for each point, route segment, or connected vehicle GPS location for full CONUS (Continental US) coverage.” You can try out the new Android Auto MyRadar app and in the coming months this app will become available on the Android Automotive system.

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