Root NationNewsApple Intelligence might make a full arrival on devices by next year

Apple Intelligence might make a full arrival on devices by next year


At Apple’s ongoing WWDC 24 event, we learnt that Apple Intelligence, which is the company’s AI initiative, will fully hit devices next year. This artificial intelligence model will hit iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia devices for beta testing by the fall of this year. At this point, the system is still under development and Apple is restricting access to it for even developers on their platform.

Apple will use this system to improve Siri’s usefulness in everyday usage with the integration of AI features. Some of the abilities that are coming to Siri thanks to the arrival of Apple Intelligence will aid creatives as well as regular Apple users in their everyday lives. This will be possible thanks to Apple’s partnership with OpenAI, which aims to integrate ChatGPT into Siri.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Once available on Apple devices, the Apple Intelligence system will help with writing, image generation, notification control, and content summarization, to mention a few. These are areas of everyday usage that most Apple users need Siri’s assistance with. Once Siri gets armed with the coming Apple intelligence system, it’ll be able to offer these assistances to its users just with a prompt.

It’s great to see Apple jumping in on the AI game, joining brands like Google and Samsung to launch its AI service onboard its devices. According to the reports, this AI system coming to Apple devices won’t be available to all Apple devices that are currently available. Once it launches, only devices with at least an Apple Bionic A17 Pro chip or M1 chip will be able to make use of the AI services.

This means that only the iPhone 15 Pro models will be able to access this service once it launches. The coming iPhone 16 series will also be able to support this coming AI system. In a few months, we expect to see the Apple Intelligence system launch for beta testing.

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