Root NationNewsCHUWI Hi10 Max is preparing to launch as a worthy Windows Surface competitor

CHUWI Hi10 Max is preparing to launch as a worthy Windows Surface competitor


To some, the name CHUWI is nowhere near the Windows Surface brand, but the coming CHUWI Hi10 Max is here to change that narrative again. On their official website and social media pages, CHUWI is already wetting the grounds in anticipation of their coming Windows tablet. We at Root Nation have some information on this coming product that might make you consider it in place of the much more expensive Windows Surface 10 entry.

The upcoming CHUWI Hi10 Max is a 2-in-1 Windows tablet that will join the CHUWI Hi product line-up. However, it’s safe to say that this coming device will be a direct successor to the UBook series, which is the brand’s existing Windows tablet series. But the features that we have been able to confirm on this tablet far surpass that on the existing UBook, and they are impressive.

The available details on this upcoming product that CHUWI has made known are its 12.95-inch 3K screen display, Intel processor, and Windows 11 software. CHUWI also points out that this coming product will be a thin and lightweight entry. After a few digging around, we were able to get some details on this coming product.

From our findings, we can confirm that the Intel processor in the CHUWI Hi10 Max will be a 12th Gen entry (similar in performance to the 12th Gen i3) and it’ll pack up to 12GB RAM capacity. While we can’t confirm the exact processor to be in use, we can tell that this device will bring Wi-Fi 6 technology for smooth connectivity. Just like the UBook series, the upcoming Hi10 Max will bring a docking keyboard to cater for the productivity needs of prospective buyers.

Another detail that we were able to rack up is that this coming 2-in-1 tablet will retail for less than half of the Windows Surface 10. How this coming tablet will perform in the real world will be something that we’ll need to put through rigorous testing. CHUWI is preparing to launch this tablet, and we might get to see it before the end of the month, so keep your fingers crossed for more details on this coming product.

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