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Google TV will have a remote control that never runs out of power


At CES 2023, TCL showcased updates to its S-series and Q-series premium TV lines. The models received a “frameless”‎ design (by the way, this will be the case in all price categories) and will be supplied with either Google TV or Roku. Most likely, the Q series will ship specifically with Google TV in line with TCL’s 2021 and 2022 lineups.

Well, if Google TV starts the year with future models from TCL, Hisense and other manufacturers, it would be possible to update the remote as well. And now a new version of the remote control with a self-charging battery appears on the horizon.

Google TV battery free remote control

TW Electronics, the brand behind the traditional remote control used on most Android TV and Google TV devices for the past few years, unveiled a new design at CES 2023. This remote control, in principle, has the same basic arrangement of buttons as the standard remote control, but there is one nuance – a photoelectric panel is located in the lower part of the device. And it is she who allows the battery to self-charge.

The panel uses all light sources to convert this energy into electricity that can power a battery inside the remote. The technology used by the device was provided by Exeger, although it is not a new idea in the television industry. Self-charging remotes have been introduced by Samsung in recent years, and Amazon is expected to work on integrating the technology into its next Fire TV remote. But for Google TV, it’s definitely an upgrade that hasn’t been seen before.

Google TV

There is currently no clear timeline for when this remote control might actually arrive with a Google TV product. Competition in this area continues to intensify, and some brands may be interested in using such technology. However, it is unlikely to become a standard option for all devices in the near future.

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