Root NationNewsMicrosoft will preserve world music collection in Doomsday vault

Microsoft will preserve world music collection in Doomsday vault


Microsoft will preserve music on “invulnerable” quartz plates in case of an apocalypse. Musical treasures will be hidden in the world’s most protected repository – the so-called Doomsday Vault.

Elire Group engineers, along with Microsoft, have begun recording outstanding music on special quartz plates capable of surviving a global catastrophe. Promising Project Silica technology has been selected for recording, which allows to record data using a laser on quartz plates. Each 75×75×2 mm plate can store up to 100 GB of data and can easily survive even a nuclear war.

According to scientists, the data plate is very difficult to damage, and the data recorded in it are not affected by any type of radiation. “The plate can be baked, boiled, cleaned, filled with water, subjected to electromagnetic pulses and other ways harm it, but it will not affect the recorded data,” – said the press release of the project.

Quartz plate

However, scientists still have to understand the technology itself and find out how music data will be stored and extracted. But purely theoretically, quartz plates will preserve music for thousands of years. The first recordings are planned for next year, and then the repository will be replenished annually with tens of millions of gigabytes of information.

The quartz plates will be located in the Doomsday Shelter – a tunnel located at a depth of 120 m on the Norwegian island of Svalbard. According to scientists, this is place with the greatest chances of survival during the global catastrophe.

At present, the repository contains specimens of more than 145,000 species of plants collected from around the world – weak tectonic activity ensure that even after the extinction of all living things, plant seeds will remain intact and will be useful to future civilization.

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