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NASA’s Ingenuity sets martian speed record


NASA has shared a video of the 25th flight of the Ingenuity helicopter, which took place on April 8. On this day, it broke its own record (because there are no competitors yet) for the duration and speed of the flight.

During the flight, Ingenuity developed a speed of about 20 km/h and was in the air for 2 minutes and 41 seconds. During this time, it managed to shoot the sandy fields dotted with stones, overcoming a distance of more than 700 meters.

This video was time-lapsed, which reduced the viewing time to 35 seconds. It also does not contain lift-off and landing. This is due to the safety of the navigation system – the navigation camera is turned off every time Ingenuity is within a meter of the surface of Mars, so that dust does not interfere with the system.

NASA experts are currently in full swing preparing for the 29th flight of Ingenuity over the surface of Mars, calming down after a brief panic in early May, when the mission team lost contact with the helicopter due to its transition to low power consumption mode.

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