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Now you can stream YouTube Music to Wear OS Smartwatches


After a long wait, Wear OS owners can now use YouTube Music to stream their tunes over Wi-Fi or LTE. And as a bonus, you can add the app as a widget for faster access to recently played playlists.

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Users have access to 80 million songs through this application. In addition to streaming without advertising, the app supports Google Smart Downloads, which automatically updates songs downloaded to the Wear OS watch when it is connected to Wi-Fi.

YouTube Music was notably absent on Wear OS until Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 4 series last summer – and the app was originally an exclusive to Wear OS 3. However, about a month later Google launched a program for Wear OS 2 watches based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 SoCs. However, it was limited to offline playback only. The latest update completes the cycle, turning YouTube Music into a full-fledged music streaming app for smart watches.

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Last week, at its annual I/O event, Google confirmed that it would launch the Pixel Watch this fall. The company has also released additional software options for Wear OS 3, including several apps from its own suite of services, such as Google Wallet and Google Home. Google and Samsung recently announced that Google Assistant, another long-awaited feature of Wear OS 3, will finally appear this summer. In all circumstances, you can consider this update as part of Google’s larger preparations for the Pixel Watch.

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