Root NationNewsRedmi Turbo series prepares to launch as its first device enters promotion

Redmi Turbo series prepares to launch as its first device enters promotion


Joining the smartphone market in the coming days will be the Redmi Turbo series. This series will launch between the brand’s K and Note series while paying special attention to performance on a budget. Thomas Wang, the president of Redmi, has announced this series’ arrival into the smartphone industry.

Following this announcement, we got to see some promotional posts on the brand’s Weibo page about the launch of this series. Bringing this to the launch stage will be its first entry, the Redmi Turbo 3. While the details of this coming device are still at large, there’s a lot we can expect from it as it approaches its official launch.

Redmi Turbo series

Already we recognize the Redmi K series as the brand’s flagship killer entry. Devices in the K series pack near-flagship specifications and features while retailing at an affordable price. For the Redmi Note series, we know that devices in this series are budget entry devices with some impressive specifications for their pricing.

With this coming Redmi Turbo series, as the name already points out, we can expect some turbo performance abilities. It’ll feature impressive processors, massive RAM options, great storage, and some other performance-oriented features. These features might attract a certain category of buyers who are shopping for affordable devices that pack a performance punch.

Yes, the coming Redmi Turbo series will also feature budget-friendly pricing. This pricing will be above the Redmi Note series but below the Redmi K series. With the launch of the Redmi Turbo 3, we’ll get to learn more about this coming series and what it holds in store for the smartphone industry.

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