Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Root NationNewsCrime disguised as a gesture of good will: The real reasons the Russians want to organize “humanitarian corridors” in Ukraine

Crime disguised as a gesture of good will: The real reasons the Russians want to organize “humanitarian corridors” in Ukraine


On the morning of March 7, the occupiers announced the opening of so-called “humanitarian corridors.” However, the option proposed by Moscow has nothing to do with the generally accepted notions of evacuating civilians from the war zone.

Crime disguised as a gesture of good will

Russian tank destroyed in Ukraine

In particular, Putin’s troops intend to introduce a “ceasefire” regime to withdraw Ukrainians from the destroyed settlements of Kyiv region in the direction of Belarus. In the future, they were to be delivered by air to the territory of the occupying state. The organization of “humanitarian corridors” in Kharkiv and Sumy regions was planned according to a similar principle. People were to be sent to Russian territory by rail and road.

Why do the Russians need it:

1. Creation of grounds for legal arrival on the Ukrainian territory of large freight transport of the aggressor state.

2. Organization of covert removal of the bodies of the dead and wounded occupiers.

3. The hidden rotation of the personnel of the occupying army, which suffered heavy losses during the fighting.

4. Delivery of additional equipment, ammunition, and fuel

5. Accumulation of our citizens in order to use them as hostages and “living shield”.

In addition, Ukrainians cannot be guaranteed legitimate civil rights and adequate assistance in the territory of the occupying state. Citizens will be subjected to pressure from the occupier’s special services and repressive structures.

Such actions have nothing to do with real humanitarian measures. They are aimed only at further unfolding the bloody conflict that has already killed thousands of people. For Ukrainian citizens, such a “corridor” can become a real corridor to hell.

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Let us remind you that the practice of forcible deportation of people from the occupied territories was widely used by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. The International Tribunal in Nuremberg found this a crime against humanity and a violation of international law. The only correct solution in this situation is to organize safe corridors for the withdrawal of civilians to the territories controlled by Ukraine or the territories of friendly states.

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