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Android – the most popular mobile operating system in the world, created by Google. In this section of our site, you can read all our articles on the topic of Android OS. Also: news, reviews, instructions, analytical materials and reports from the presentations of the new version of the operating system. Everything what you want to read about Android and devices based on it is collected here!

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Оболочки против чистого Android

Stock Android vs Proprietary Shells

Since ancient times the manufacturers of smartphones sought to improve Android. After all, why not? They did it because they could, since Google let...
Обзор Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi Mi 6 review – another bestseller?

I really wanted to try the new Xiaomi Mi 6. Mostly because I liked the Mi 5 from the last year, although it was...

Essential Phone: Destroying the boundaries of ecosystems

Andy Rubin – the creator of Android OS – has been quiet for quite some time. He has been away from the scene ever...

How to setup Android tablet for your child

Technical progress is keeping pace with the times, and we are not lagging behind it. A child who easily works with a tablet, no...
leap droid title

LeapDroid review: easy way to emulate Android in Windows!

The differences between Android and Windows are pretty obvious - one OS developed under the sensors, small screens and low power consumption, the second...

Is Factory Reset Protection such reliable? Bypassing the Android security on Samsung Galaxy S7

Today, quite a curious thing happened to me. I change smartphones often, and this day had no signs of trouble. I took the smart...

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