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TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ Review: Exquisite Design and Good Battery Life


I got my hands on a smartphone from the tech brand TECNO, which has received 2 awards at the French Design Awards 2024. Yes, we’re talking about the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+. According to the manufacturer, the model was released to redefine the smartphone experience with TECNO. The SPARK has received an innovative design, improved camera specifications for creating amazing photos and videos, and significantly enhanced its performance compared to its predecessors. They invite us to look at the lineup from a different, more refined angle. The SPARK 20 Pro+ incorporates many innovations tailored to the needs of today’s consumers. Let’s see if this smartphone is worth the attention.


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Positioning and price of TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+

The TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ has become the flagship model in the SPARK 20 lineup. Alongside our featured hero, it includes the base SPARK 20 and the enhanced SPARK 20 Pro. These smartphones differ in design, refresh rate, display type, camera setup, processor, and dimensions.

The SPARK 20 Pro+ is aimed at meeting all the basic needs of today’s consumer. It boasts improved performance and durability, enhanced cameras and audio playback, and new shooting modes. Additionally, the 20 Pro+ features Gorilla Glass 5, which is uncommon for budget segment models. A modern solution is the placement of the fingerprint scanner under the display.


All this appealing information is complemented by the unconventional design of the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+. At first glance, not everyone may find the rounded edges practical. However, the manufacturer emphasizes the comfort, ergonomics, and elegance of this design choice. Therefore, this smartphone will certainly not go unnoticed. As for the price, as I mentioned, it remains reasonable, approximately $246 / €230.

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 TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ Specifications

To make it easier to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the smartphone, let’s take a closer look at its technical specifications.


  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G99 Ultimate (6 nm), Mali-G57 MC2 graphics
  • Operating system: Android 14
  • Memory: 8 GB / 256 GB, no memory card slot
  • Screen: 6.8″, AMOLED, 2436×1080, refresh rate 120 Hz, 393 ppi, peak brightness 1000 nits, Gorilla Glass 5
  • Battery: 5000 mAh, 33 W adapter
  • Main camera: 108 megapixel wide-angle, f/1.7, PDAF + AI camera; 2 megapixel macro camera
  • 0.08 megapixel auxiliary module; 1440p video recording
  • Front camera: 32 megapixels
  • SIM card: 2 nano-SIM
  • Network and data transfer: 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, USB Type-C 2.0
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS
  • Sensors: fingerprint scanner (under the screen), accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, electronic compass, ambient light sensor
  • Sound: dual stereo speakers with DTS, Hi-Res support
  • Protection: IP53
  • Materials: glass and plastic
  • Dimensions: 164.7 × 75.0 × 7.6 mm
  • Weight: 179 g

Package contents

Regarding the packaging of the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+, I can say it pleasantly impressed me. In addition to the basic set, they included several useful accessories.

The SPARK 20 Pro+ comes in a white cardboard box. The cover displays information about the manufacturer, the smartphone model, and the memory capacity. On the back of the box, there is detailed information about the device’s technical specifications, manufacturer details with links to the brand’s website and social media.

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Under the cover, we immediately have access to the technical documentation, user manual, and warranty card. These documents are placed in a separate orange cardboard insert. Additionally, we find two additional accessories right there – a silicone case and a screen protector for the SPARK 20 Pro+.


Next, the device itself is placed, covered with a protective film. The smartphone is securely held on a plastic tray, underneath which are the charging block, USB-A to USB-C cable, SIM card ejector tool. Additionally, there’s another pleasant bonus – wired earphones included in the package.

I think it’s a very generous package for a mid-budget smartphone.

Design and layout of elements

I was immediately drawn to the design of the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+, which breaks away from the trend of devices with flat edges. Just to remind you, the design of our featured device received 2 awards at the French Design Awards 2024. The smartphone is available in 4 colors: the dark grey Temporal Orbits (as we have in our review), the silver holographic Lunar Frost, the golden Radiant Starstream, and the green Magic Skin 2.0. Interestingly, the green version features a back made of eco-leather.

TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ colors
TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ colors

When considering the display of the SPARK 20 Pro+, one immediately notices the double curvature of the edges, which not only adds to its sleekness but also enhances the smartphone’s ergonomics. The 6.8-inch display is protected by Gorilla Glass 5. The front camera is centered at the top in a dot-notch design. At the bottom part of the display, there is a fingerprint scanner.

The back panel of the smartphone is made of matte plastic, but there’s a glossy insert where the camera is located. Closer to the bottom left corner, parallel to the edge, the TECNO brand logo is positioned. In the middle of the cover, there’s a sticker with manufacturer information that can be removed if desired.


At the top of the back cover, there is a camera module with three lenses. Between the lenses, there is informative text about the camera’s resolution. Adjacent to them is the flash.


The left edge of the smartphone is bare, while the right edge houses the power button and volume rocker.

On the top end of the 20 Pro+, we have a speaker and a microphone. On the bottom end, there is a slot for 2 nano-SIM cards, a Type-C port, another speaker, and a second microphone.

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I find the design of the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ quite sophisticated. The smartphone is crafted from materials that feel pleasant to the touch, and it’s comfortable to hold. The only reminder that it’s not a flagship device is perhaps the plastic back, though the green variant of the SPARK 20 Pro+ features eco-leather. The device’s slim edges add to its style and usability. It’s genuinely ergonomic and fits well in the hand. With a bit of adjustment, it’s possible to use it comfortably with one hand.

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TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ Screen

The TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ features a 6.78-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2436×1080 pixels. In contrast, the other two models in the SPARK 20 lineup have IPS displays. A notable advantage is its 120 Hz refresh rate. In the settings, you can choose between 60 Hz, 120 Hz, or automatic switching based on the content.


Stepping away from the numbers, I want to emphasize the usability aspect right away. With its rounded edges, the smartphone not only looks more appealing but also feels easier to handle. And it truly is. For added safety, there’s an option to prevent accidental touches on the edges of the screen. This, coupled with the confidence-boosting Corning Gorilla Glass 5, adds to the user’s assurance.

The manufacturer draws attention to the next-generation AMOLED panel used in the SPARK 20 Pro+, whose refresh rate doesn’t strain the eyes even during prolonged use. In the settings, there are two main presets – “vivid” and “original,” with adjustable color temperature available for each.

There’s also an Always-On Display function. With this feature, the screen remains lit for 10 seconds before turning off, providing an additional option to save battery power.

In practice, the display looks very vibrant and has excellent color reproduction. The brightness level is also sufficient; text and image details remain clear and discernible even in sunlight.


In the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+, we have the following camera setup:
  • 108 MPmain module, 2 MP macro, 0.08 MP auxiliary module
  • 32 MP selfie camera


The main camera of the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ features a 6-lens setup and dual flash. The maximum photo resolution is 108 MP, which needs to be manually set, with 12 MP being the default resolution. TECNO mentions the presence of intelligent algorithms that ensure high clarity of photos at any distance, a feature that can also be disabled. In practice, the detail in the photos is indeed good, and focusing was fast. Here are examples of photos taken with the main lens.


When it comes to the quality of photos at full resolution, they are practically indistinguishable on the display from photos taken at default resolution. However, when you zoom in on the image, the difference becomes evident. The detail at 108 MP resolution is significantly better. Therefore, if you plan to do post-processing or need cropping flexibility, I recommend setting the maximum resolution. Just keep in mind that such photos will occupy more storage space due to their higher size.


The 1/1.67-inch sensor and F/1.75 aperture allow adaptation to various lighting conditions. There’s HDR and the “Super Night” mode. The latter gently illuminates elements, enhancing detail and texture in images while maintaining natural and soft colors without artificial feel. Photos look great, examples can be seen below.


There is also a three times optical zoom.


Macro shots also look quite good, with no issues with focusing.


The 32 MP front camera with an 88.9° field of view utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance portraits. I was satisfied with the results of the photos taken; not every budget smartphone can achieve this level of quality. 

TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ front camera

TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ records video at a maximum resolution of 2560×1440 pixels at 30 frames per second. Switching to 1080p resolution offers a choice between 30 and 60 fps. The smartphone supports simultaneous shooting with the front and rear cameras, Slow motion, and timelapse features.

The camera of the SPARK 20 Pro+ features electronic image stabilization (EIS), but unfortunately, it does not have optical image stabilization (OIS).

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TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ features 4 stereo speakers, Hi-Res support, and DTS technology. The application of DTS enhances low frequencies, prevents distortion, and delivers a cinematic sound experience at home. Watching videos on the smartphone is very enjoyable, and it’s even possible to watch movies while on the go.

TECNO 20 PRO - 50

The algorithm for enhanced volume increases clarity by 400% during calls in noisy environments. I was able to hear clearly on a busy street, and I could hear the other party without sound distortion. This quality is supported by two microphones: the primary microphone captures your voice, while the secondary microphone picks up background noise that needs to be suppressed.

Connection and communications

The new TECNO device is equipped with all the necessary connectivity modules, including Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 and 5 GHz, 4G (LTE), VoLTE, dual SIM, Bluetooth 5.2, and GNSS. Supported geolocation services include aGPS, GLONASS, and Galileo, and it also features a digital compass.

TECNO Spark 20 PRO+ Performance

The TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ is powered by the MediaTek Helio G99 processor, which is considered one of the most popular chipsets for budget phones. The chip has 8 cores (2×Cortex-A76 at 2.2 GHz, 6×Cortex-A55 at 2 GHz), with Mali-G57 MC2 handling the graphics. Additionally, the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ features the Aurora Engine 2.0 and Darwin Engine 2.0, which utilize AI for optimization, increasing frame rates, and improving performance in games and applications.

The TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ comes with 8 GB of RAM, which can be expanded using the internal storage. You have the option to add 3 GB, 5 GB, or 8 GB more. The memory type is LPDDR4x. It also features a 256 GB internal storage and supports microSD cards. Overall, this is quite impressive for a smartphone in this price range.

In the popular benchmark AnTuTu, the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ scored 428,533 points.


Now, moving away from the dry technical details, I’ll share my personal impressions after testing. In practice, the smartphone responds well to touch, the display is smooth, and it opens applications, the browser, and switches between windows without lag or delay. Additionally, it does not overheat.


The SPARK 20 Pro+ runs on Android 14 with the custom HiOS 13.6 interface. As usual, it comes with a substantial amount of proprietary software from TECNO and various features for customizing the device to your liking. There are also AI-driven tips and the ability to create your own background images using the AI.


The smartphone features a Dynamic Port, located around the front camera cutout. This is similar to the Dynamic Island on the iPhone or the Mini Capsule on realme devices. The Dynamic Port allows you to view certain notifications or, for instance, the battery level without unlocking the smartphone. You can customize what information it displays.

TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ Dynamic Port

Battery life

The TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ comes with a 5000mAh battery, which has become a standard for most Android smartphones. The device supports 33W fast charging. Battery life largely depends on the usage scenario, but it can definitely last a full day of active use. If you use the SPARK 20 Pro+ primarily for calls, minimal photography, and browsing social media, it can last up to 2-3 days. Charging from 0 to 100% takes about an hour and a half.


Additionally, the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ features a smart mode that optimizes battery usage based on your activity, significantly increasing battery life. There’s also an ultra power-saving mode, allowing you to select six apps to remain active while putting the rest to sleep. This mode can extend the phone’s battery life to up to four days.


The TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ turned out to be successful in most aspects. It boasts good battery life, sound quality, and camera performance, along with an AMOLED screen with curved edges, a slim body, and an interesting design. It’s worth mentioning the IP53 rating for dust and splash protection and Gorilla Glass 5. While not the most powerful device, it is quite fast and well-optimized.

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TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ is very successful in most aspects. It has good battery life, sound and camera, an AMOLED screen with curved edges, a thin body and an interesting design. Definitely worth a look!
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TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ is very successful in most aspects. It has good battery life, sound and camera, an AMOLED screen with curved edges, a thin body and an interesting design. Definitely worth a look!TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+ Review: Exquisite Design and Good Battery Life