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DIY Perks has built the slimmest Playstation 5


Sony is usually releasing thin versions of its PlayStation consoles in a few years after the release of a “fat” console. But for the PS5 this time has not yet come. While we’re all waiting for the thinner PS5, which would fit better in small spaces, YouTuber DIY Perks has already built it for himself. He disassembled the standard PlayStation 5 and replaced almost everything except the motherboard to reach an incredible thickness of 1.9 cm.

Ентузіаст створив власну PS5 Slim завтовшки 1,9 cм

To ensure proper cooling the body of a slim console was made of copper, turning it to a massive heat spreader. But such a slim body won’t fit the power supply, and obviously be too hot to touch. So YouTuber combined a power supply with an external waterblock that he will hide under the TV, thus making PS5 “slim” cool and elegant at the same time.

The process wasn’t easy, and DIY Perks has actually destroyed one of the PS5’s in the process (interestingly enough it was improperly supported waterblock that killed it). But the end result was worth all the pain and gain. PS5 “slim” is not just ridiculously thinner than the original one, but way cooler as well. The temperatures dropped by almost 20ºC for all the key components.

Ентузіаст створив власну PS5 Slim завтовшки 1,9 cм

We encourage you to watch the whole build on YouTube. It’s a 25-minute watch but it’s absolutely worth it, if you want not just learn all the steps to make your own PS5 “slim”, but also see what mistakes you have to avoid to not damage your precious console.

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