Root NationNewsInvasion of Ukraine: Chinese drone manufacturer DJI secretly aids the Russian army?

Invasion of Ukraine: Chinese drone manufacturer DJI secretly aids the Russian army?


DJI, the Chinese manufacturer of multicopters, microcontrollers, video equipment etc., might be secretly supporting the Russian invaders. Well, according to reports from Ukraine. According to the sources, DJI have limited the capabilities of its Aeroscope technology for Ukrainian army, giving a significant air reconnaissance edge to Russian invaders.

DJI might be responsible for deaths of countless Ukrainians

DJI Mavic 3

As the Twitter user @vshymanskyy explains, “DJI Aeroscope is a piece of proprietary hardware allowing to track the movement of any DJI drone in the range of 10 kilometres. Along with supplementary DJI-made antennae the range can be extended up to 50 kilometres. Aeroscope technology allows one to see the exact position of the drone operator as well as their personal details which they used when registering with DJI.”

Quoting @vshymanskyy:

“The Ukrainian military uses various models of DJI drones in their reconnaissance activities. There is no wonder in that – DJI is the largest drone maker in the world. Though Russians are using Aeroscope hardware, they use the technology to track the drone operators’ positions in order to target their artillery/rocket fire. In other words, Russians use DJI technology to kill Ukrainian drone operators. According to the most recent reports from the Ukrainian army, the Aeroscope technology is effectively turned off for Ukrainian operators. In fact, while Russians have the technical capabilities to track Ukrainian DJI drone operators, the Ukrainian army can not do the same. 

This, in turn, means that the largest Chinese drone manufacturing company secretly supports the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine. By providing access to all its technology capacities to Russians and turning them off remotely for Ukrainians.

A few Aeroscope systems are still working in Ukraine, however many others (including those guarding nuclear plants) refuse to work.”

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We’re still waiting for the official response.

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