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Weapons of Ukrainian Victory: Turkish High-Precision TRLG-230 Missiles


Recently it became known that the Armed Forces of Ukraine received high-precision missiles TRLG-230 produced by Rocketsan. Today we will tell you about these missiles.

On November 21, the well-known resource Oryx published an article about military-technical cooperation between Turkey and Ukraine during the Russian invasion, which listed various samples of Turkish-made weapons and equipment that were transferred to the Ukrainian side. In this list, TRLG-230 multiple launch rocket systems manufactured by the Turkish company Roketsan are mentioned for the first time in the public domain. It is clear from the publication that Ukraine received these systems in the summer. More precise information about the delivery dates and the number of received equipment is not provided.


Soon the information about the arrival of Turkish MLRS was confirmed by Ukrainian media. However, no detailed information was provided again. Nevertheless, a video was published showing the operation of the TRLG-230 system in the combat zone. It shows only one combat vehicle in a firing position and the launch of one rocket. It is unknown when and where this video was filmed. Moreover, the video is in black and white, which makes it difficult to determine even the approximate time of shooting.

Thus, at the moment, only the fact of the transfer of high-precision missiles of Turkish production is reliably known. The number of pieces of equipment and ammunition that got to Ukraine remains unknown. Also, there is no accurate information about the combat use and results of the use of these systems.

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History of creation of TRG-230 missiles

The Turkish defense industry represented by Roketsan has extensive experience in the development of multiple launch rocket systems, as several such projects have been developed in recent decades. TRG/TRLG-230 is the latest development of this kind. The system has been created during the last ten years, and its official presentation took place last year at the IDEF-2021 military technology exhibition.

When designing the TRG-230, the main task was to create a modern mobile rocket artillery system with a long range and increased accuracy. Such tasks were solved both with the help of known and proven solutions and new components. In particular, one of the rocket projectiles received laser guidance, which is generally not typical for such ammunition.


These systems are designed to hit ground and stationary targets and allow strikes at a distance of 20-70 km. The hit accuracy is about two meters or less, the area of destruction has a radius of more than 55 m. They were tested only two years ago. Interestingly, in order to fire with maximum accuracy, Bayraktar drones are needed, we remind that Turkey also makes them, and they are part of the package of military assistance to Kyiv. Bayraktar is equipped with laser targeting systems. The drone continues to guide the missile with a laser beam during its flight.


An alternative option for guidance is satellites. It is not yet known exactly which version of the missiles Ukraine received. However, given that 19 more such drones are planned to be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the near future, it can be assumed that this is a variant for the use with Bayraktar. The complex has two launchers, each of which is loaded with six rockets of 230 mm caliber.

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It is known that recently Turkey has also  used these systems for the first time in real combat conditions as part of a military operation against the Kurds in Syria.

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A little about Roketsan company

Roketsan Roket Sanayii ve Ticaret AS is a major arms manufacturer and defense contractor based in Ankara. The company was founded in 1988 by the Turkish Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) to create a national industrial base for missile technology. The company quickly became one of the 500 leading industrial corporations in Turkey. The current owners of Roketsan shares are the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (55.5%), ASELSAN (15%), MKEK (15%), Vakıflar Bankası (10%), HAVELSAN (4.5%). Roketsan is known for its wide range of unguided missiles as well as laser and infrared guided missiles such as TRLG-230, Cirit and UMTAS.


Roketsan is actively promoting its MLRS on the international market and has been generally successful in doing so. In January 2022, it became known about the first export contract for the supply of TRG-230. The first customer of this complex was the armed forces of Bangladesh, and at the time of this news, they had already received several new MLRS. It is also known about two installations of MLRS with high-precision TRG-230 missiles, which are in service in Azerbaijan.


No other foreign orders have been reported until recently, and the Turkish army does not seem to show any apparent interest in this promising system. Now it became known that a few months ago at least one system went to Ukraine. It is unknown whether it was a direct order of our government or the equipment was delivered at the Turkish expense as an aid.

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Technical features of TRG-230 system

From the point of view of the general architecture, the Turkish TGR/TRLG-230 does not differ from other MLRS. The main component of the system is a self-propelled MBRL-type combat vehicle on a wheeled chassis, equipped with a universal launcher for various types of rockets. This system is able to rapidly move to a specified position and attack various enemy targets at tactical range.


The well-known serial MBRLs are built on a four-axle chassis of the KamAZ truck. The vehicle base is supplemented with jacks for leveling and equipment housing behind the cab. The support and rotary device with the launcher is located in the rear part of the platform. It accommodates six transport and launch containers with 230-mm missiles.

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TRLG-230 high precision guided missile

The TRG-230 uses the TRLG-230 guided rocket of the same name of its own Turkish development. The weight of the missile is 210 kg, the body is of variable diameter with a maximum caliber of 230 mm. The main part of the missile houses the guidance and warhead, and the rest of the body volume is given to the solid fuel engine. The launch range is from 20 to 70 km.

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There are two modifications of the missile with different methods of correction/guidance. The first one is equipped only with navigation means, inertial and satellite. In the second case, the navigation is supplemented with a laser homing head. This version of the system is called TRLG-230. According to the data from the navigation means or homing head, the autopilot controls the high-precision missile and corrects the flight trajectory. For the missile of the basic configuration, the CEP does not exceed 10 m.


Both missiles are equipped with high-explosive fragmentation warhead weighing 42 kg. Targets within a radius of at least 50-55 m are hit with the help of prefabricated elements in the form of small balls. The explosion occurs by detonation on contact with the surface or at a given height.

But the most interesting thing is that the TRG-230 missile from ROKETSAN can be launched not only from the ROKETSAN Multiple Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL), but also from the MCL (Multiple Caliber Launcher) artillery weapon system and other platforms with compatible interfaces. ROKETSAN has recently integrated its TRG-230 surface-to-surface missile with a laser homing warhead and conducted a successful test of its new TRLG-230 laser-guided missile system. It should be noted that a Bayraktar TB2 UAV was used to designate the target.


ROKETSAN has already announced that it has commissioned TRG-230 missiles with a range of 70 km, a precision version of the 230 mm (9-inch) TRLG-230 missile, which is guided by GPS/INS navigation and can be launched from ROKETSAN’s Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher (MBRL), Multi-Caliber Launcher (MCL) systems, as well as other platforms with compatible interfaces. The accuracy of these missiles at a range of 70 km is up to 10 m. The high-explosive warhead weighing 50 kg can be detonated at a given altitude or at the moment of hitting the target.

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High hit accuracy

The missile is guided by a laser beam, for which a UAV or a ground-based laser designator is used. In fact, the missile is launched into the target area, after that the homing head sees the laser mark and is guided to it.

The TRLG-230 can engage moving targets from the ground, improving its accuracy with guidance from combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Tebera laser guidance system has turned Turkish drones into combat aircraft. The use of the laser module allows the missile and artillery system to engage mobile targets at a maximum range of up to 70 km, which significantly increases operational capabilities.

Experts note the main features of the TRLG-230 high-precision missile, including the ability to accurately hit the target, short time required for firing, low side effect, the ability to use not only ground-based navigation systems, but also drone guidance systems for accurate guidance, as well as convenient transportation, storage and use.


High-precision munitions of the Turkish manufacturer are capable of destroying artillery and air defense systems of the enemy, radar installations, maintenance and repair areas, logistics complexes, control systems, command and communication centers.

This is a kind of universal system for destroying enemy positions, which can cause maximum damage to military units and command posts.

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Technical specifications of high-precision missiles TRLG-230

  • Caliber: 230 mm
  • Weight: 210 kg
  • Weight of the combat unit: 42 kg
  • Effective explosion radius: up to 55 m
  • Effective firing range: 20-70 km
  • Type of fuse: point detonation or detonation at some distance from the target (optional).
  • Guidance: GPS, INS assistance, laser seeker.

The delivery of high-precision TRLG-230 missiles from ROKETSAN testifies to the close partnership between Ukraine and Turkey. Successfully tested in combat conditions, Bayraktar UAVs and state-of-the-art high-precision missiles help our defenders to cause even more damage to the enemy, destroy its logistics and command posts, advanced units and communication systems. All this will undoubtedly bring our Victory closer.


Now every high-precision munition is extremely valuable to us, so we would like to sincerely thank our Turkish friends for their help and support. The invaders will not escape retribution. Death to the enemies! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces!

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