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Root NationNewsGoogle offers $1.5 million bug bounty for Android 13 beta

Google offers $1.5 million bug bounty for Android 13 beta


Google is expanding its BUG bounty program. The latest extension is a reward of up to $1.5 million for the Android 13 Beta vulnerability. Last week, a beta version of Android 13 became available to developers and early adapters. Google has promised that the new version will focus on privacy and security. In particular, the prize of $1.5 million can be awarded for hacking of the Titan M security chip on a Pixel phone with a beta version of Android 13.

Google also announced on Twitter a 50% reward for anyone who finds an error in the beta version of Android 13. The announcement contains an important note: “The error must be unique to Android 13 and not to any other version of Android.” In addition, the increased reward only applies to reports submitted by May 27.

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Google Titan M

It is noteworthy that $1.5 million is much more than the highest reward for detecting errors in Android, paid last year. Even when a critical chain of vulnerabilities was discovered last year, Google paid only $157,000. $1.5 million is also half of the total reward for detecting Android bugs in 2021 (only $3 million, covering hundreds of bugs).

In 2019, Google began offering $1 million to anyone who could hack the Titan M security chip. This chip comes with Pixel smartphones. But so far no one has claimed the reward. Other Google rewards for detecting security vulnerabilities in Android include rewards of 50% for the beta version of Android 13. These rewards range from $75 thousand to $500 thousand, most rewards are $250 thousand.

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