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Invasion of Ukraine: Landing operation in Odesa halted after a riot on the Russian ship


The publication Dumskaya managed to contact the relatives of several Russian marines of the 810th brigade of the Russian Federation, which is deployed in the occupied Crimea.

The attackers don’t want to invade Ukraine

Landing operation in Odesa disrupted after a riot on the Russian ship

They told some of the details of yesterday’s failed assault attempt.

The Putin command, indeed, was planning such an operation, and large landing ships were going to moor to the Luzanovsky beach mined and blocked by the Czech hedgehogs. At the same time, enemy helicopters and a large number of UAVs were flying in the bay.

The Ukrainian air defense and other defenders of Odessa were preparing to strike back, but at the very last moment the Russians got in touch and asked to be given the opportunity to leave the bay.

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According to UNIAN, a riot took place on Russian ships: Russian men refused to obey the order and storm the coast of the Russian-speaking city.

The information is still subject to verification, but this is not the first time we hear about how the Russians refuse to fight. Demoralized and tired, they surrender en masse and disown their dictator president.

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