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ROG STRIX FLARE II mechanical gaming keyboard review


Every gamer is picky about every detail in their setup. When they need a keyboard, they meticulously choose keycaps, test switches, and select the ones that are most convenient for them. It’s a complicated process, but it can be made easier by choosing ROG STRIX FLARE II, a premium accessory that will satisfy every gamer. Let’s find out what exactly it is in this review.

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Contents of the package

We are looking at a branded red and black box. It’s hidden under a super-cover that features the ROG branding. This set contains the following:

  • ROG STRIX FLARE II mechanical keyboard in a protective pouch
  • magnetic wrist rest
  • quick start guide
  • warranty card
  • a set of ROG branded stickers

For now, this is all that can be found in the box. The set is minimal, but it has everything a gamer needs for full use.

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Design and ergonomics

The ROG STRIX FLARE II is a mechanical gaming keyboard with a number pad and a metal skeleton case. It is sturdy and passes the twist test with flying colours. At the same time, there are no extraneous sounds such as creaks or clicks. As for the size, the keyboard is not compact, its dimensions are 435×165×38 mm. It is deliberately made a little wider to accommodate multimedia keys in the upper left corner of the case. Each of them is responsible for separate functions by default:

  • the rotary knob switches to the next track, for example, if the user is listening to music
  • the wheel adjusts the volume of the system without additional keystrokes
  • on the left side there is a round button responsible for Play/Pause
  • the button on the left side enables Win Lock
  • the button on the right adjusts the brightness of the keyboard backlight

To the right of them is the backlit ROG logo. On its reverse side is a durable corrugated plastic with the brand logo. To prevent slipping on the surface, the accessory has 5 rubber feet, 2 of which are located on folding stands that adjust the position of the keyboard. The weight of the device without the stand is 1113 g. Visually, ROG STRIX FLARE II looks restrained and stylish, with no unnecessary decorations that would stand out from the gamer’s setup.


The included wrist rest connects to the front bottom of the keyboard. It is held in place by magnets, but they are not quite strong enough, so you will have to hold it with your hands when moving it around. The upper part of the stand is covered with artificial leather with an embossed logo. The surface is soft, pleasant to the touch and will appeal to anyone who is used to using such things. The stand is protected from slipping by 5 rubber feet. The accessory measures 435×85×27 mm. Together with it, the keyboard takes up quite a lot of space, so it is better to take this point into account if the table is not provided for it.


The keyboard is equipped with ROG PBT Doubleshot keycaps. They are sturdy, have a medium-height profile and shortened stems that prevent the keys from loosening during keystrokes. The caps feature only Latin letters in the ROG branded font. If you like this font and want to use it somewhere, it will be automatically installed in the system after connecting the keyboard via Armoury Crate.


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You can also connect additional devices to the keyboard thanks to the USB port. It is located behind the case to the left of the power cable, which is located in the middle. The cable has a nylon braid and is 2 m long. At its opposite end there are 2 connectors: a through USB and a Type-A. It is rather inflexible, but if you adapt it to the setup, it will not interfere.


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ROG NX Brown mechanical switches

The keyboard is equipped with ROG NX Brown mechanical switches that operate at a distance of 2 mm. This is the standard for this type of keycap. The initial pressing force is 58 gs with a click ratio of 33%. For those who are used to “reds”, these switches may seem unusual, but such a pronounced tactile response is very useful when playing high-speed games when you need to control every movement. Brown keys are noisier than red ones, but in this case, most of the noise is dampened by sound-absorbing foam. It prevents unnecessary clicks and echoes in the middle of the keyboard.


Survey frequency and response time

ROG STRIX FLARE II is ultra-fast, with a refresh rate of 8000 Hz and a response time of a record-breaking 0.125 ms. This is an amazing figure even among premium gaming keyboards.


This keyboard has a proprietary RGB backlight that can be adjusted to the needs of players in the Armoury Crate app. It is colourful, saturated and allows you to navigate the keys even when the lights are off. You can synchronise the backlight with ASUS components and other accessories using Aura Sync.


Armoury Crate app

A special application for keyboard settings allows you to reassign key commands, change modes, colour, backlight brightness, and synchronise ROG STRIX FLARE II in a set with other accessories. To do this, go from the home page to devices and select the one you need from the list. Let’s take a closer look at the tabs:

  1. Keys. In this section, you can change commands for multimedia keys and reassign key commands.ROG STRIX FLARE II
  2. Backlighting. There are 10 preset effects available that are ready to use, or the user can try their hand at Aura Creator.
  3. Performance. Allows you to control the refresh rate in the range from 1000 to 8000 Hz.ROG STRIX FLARE II
  4. Firmware update. You don’t need to use it, because the app updates itself.ROG STRIX FLARE II

Impressions of use

ROG STRIX FLARE II has many positive aspects. For example, the keyboard has a clear response thanks to the brown candles. At first they seem a little unusual, but when you get used to them, all the others seem too soft and uncomfortable against their background. It is also worth noting the multimedia block, which is comfortable to use during the game. The backlighting is really saturated, thanks to which you can turn off the light at night and play or work on texts in peace.

On the other hand, the accessory has some drawbacks, but they are more subjective. It takes up a lot of space on the table, especially if you use it with the wrist rest. If your desk is small, it won’t be very comfortable. The thick, inflexible power cable is difficult to hide in the setup if it is not adjusted for this.

Otherwise, the ROG STRIX FLARE II is perfect and fully suitable for gaming or everyday use.

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ROG STRIX FLARE II will definitely be the best option for gamers who appreciate premium gaming comfort, speed and ease of customisation of specialised accessories.
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ROG STRIX FLARE II will definitely be the best option for gamers who appreciate premium gaming comfort, speed and ease of customisation of specialised accessories.ROG STRIX FLARE II mechanical gaming keyboard review