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Root NationNewsApple releases the first Developer Beta of iOS 15.5. What's new

Apple releases the first Developer Beta of iOS 15.5. What’s new


We did not have time to get used to iOS 15.4.1, as Apple quickly released the first Developer Betas of iOS 15.5, as well as iPadOS 15.5 and macOS Monterey 12.4. What does it mean? It means that you and I are most likely on the finish line before iOS 16: yesterday Apple announced WWDC 2022 dates. That’s where the new version is likely going to be revealed.


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In addition, Apple has already used all tricks from its sleeves in iOS 15.4. So let’s find out what is remarkable in the latest Developer Beta and how to install it on your devices.

What’s new in iOS 15.5

You may recall, that Apple released iOS 15.4, where the battery life was a bit short, then iOS 15.4.1 where it only made it worse. Most likely, iOS 15.5 will be the last more or less major update before the announcement of iOS 16. However, the first beta version of iOS 15.5 does not have any special improvements – the notes to the update only indicate that Universal Control is incompatible with previous versions of Apple operating systems.


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It also became known that in iOS 15.5 Apple renamed iTunes Pass to Apple Account Card in the Wallet application. According to 9to5Mac, iTunes Pass now is a new payment card called “Apple Account”: this way, you can make purchases in the Apple Store using Apple Pay instead of a QR code.

How to install iOS beta 15.5

You will need the developer beta profile to install the update. Follow the link and download the beta profile for iOS 15.5. Go to Settings – “Profile Downloaded” and install it. Go to “Software Update” and search for the update. Install iOS 15.5 and use it (although, at your own risk).

At the moment, iOS 15 is already fairly stable, except for the battery. However, to avoid problems, we recommend to make an iCloud Backup – you will need it in case of system crash, or if you would like to roll back to the Stable Build.

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