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АОС CQ32G3SU Review: Curved Gaming 2K 165 Hz Monitor


You know, after the first few months with curved monitors, I stopped understanding how you can choose something else for gaming. Yes. Models for the office or typography should be flat for cooperation. But believe me, AOS CQ32G3SU is not the case.


Market positioning

Not that it could not work in an office or cooperate. But this is a very gaming model. With the appropriate price of about $350.


Delivery set

Actually, out of the box you will have everything you need to start the monitor. A few HDMI/DisplayPort cables, an IEC C13 power cable, plus a CD with the driver and a manual.


Visual characteristics

From the outside we see a freshly made gaming monitor. Well, not straight from the hot kiln, but the design is much more modern than many AOC models. Laconic and stylish, from the legs to the perforation in the red edging on the back of the case.


I can’t call the frames thin, but the absence of red accents everywhere the designer’s brush reaches will be an advantage for many. Not for everyone, I will miss the passionate aggression in the palette, but it seems that the time has come for laconic professionalism.


And of simple forms, by the way, because the hole for cable management on the bracket behind the monitor is just round and glossy inside. By the way, it is very nice and easily accommodates any cables, either with ferrite rings or without them.


And by the way, AOS CQ32G3SU can host a lot of cables. Two HDMI 2.0, one DisplayPort 1.4, one mini-jack for sound output, as many as 4 USB Type-A 5 Gbit, one of which is yellow-tongued and supports relatively fast charging. Plus USB Type-B, without which all other USB will not work.


Actually, the Type-A to Type-B cable should have been included, but as this sample has already been around the bush, I have nothing to show.

I also note a Kensington lock next to the C14 power jack and a pair of 5 W loudspeakers. They sound loud, but expectedly mediocre in quality.


The monitor can be adjusted in height – up to 13 cm, in tilt – 21.5 and 5 degrees back and forth respectively, as well as left-right rotation by 30 degrees on both sides.


The panel itself, curved at 1000R, is very powerful – in addition to a refresh rate of 165 Hz and a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, we have 100% coverage of sRGB, 75% coverage of DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB, as well as dE a little more than 2. That is, basic color correction will be possible.


What really worries me is the brightness. 300 Nits of brightness is claimed, which is not enough for HDR, although some reviewers claim HDR10 support. This may be some sub-model to the AOS CQ32G3SU, which is available only in more bourgeois countries. That is, it does not apply to us.

Controls and software

As for the monitor control, we have a set of physical buttons on the bottom of the module with the panel.


Overlay is basic, allows you to adjust brightness, color and contrast profiles – including presets for games, plus control over connectors, speaker volume and several other features.


Including both useful, such as FPS direct overlay, and harmful – such as physical sights, which look mediocre, and in some games can be considered a hardware cheat. And besides being embarrassing, they can sooner or later lead to a massive ban just based on the monitor model.


The good news is that you can control the CQ32G3SU AOS through the computer itself by installing the free G-Menu utility and connecting the monitor with a USB Type-B cable.

However, it is a pleasure to work with the buttons, especially after the touch sensor and not very accurate overlay in PortKeys PT5 – the review of this unusual beauty will be on the Den Blendaman channel, by the way, the link is in the description under the video.


I immediately note the support of Low Blue Mode by the monitor, the response speed is only 1 ms with the support of Low Input Lag – and yes, the panel almost does not allow blurring, the picture is clear, juicy, high-quality and there are no delays in cursor control.


Actually, I consider 2K resolution to be the only adequate for laptops and basic for monitors. If it is more – there will be problems with the opening of the high-frequency panel, if it is less – there will be noticeable pixels.

Conclusions on AOC CQ32G3SU

This monitor is exactly as it should be – properly balanced. I don’t know where to criticize it, except perhaps for the dE being too low for me and the reticle crosshair being too much. But still, the AOC CQ32G3SU is a solid 9 out of 10, I can tell you. Which for a monitor priced like some flagship smartphones is very powerful.

AOC CQ32G3SU video review

Don’t want to read? Watch the video:

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Delivery Set
AOC CQ32G3SU is exactly as it should be - properly balanced. I don't know what to criticize it about, except maybe the dE is too low for me and the reticle crosshairs are too much.
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Denis Zaychenko
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AOC CQ32G3SU is exactly as it should be - properly balanced. I don't know what to criticize it about, except maybe the dE is too low for me and the reticle crosshairs are too much.АОС CQ32G3SU Review: Curved Gaming 2K 165 Hz Monitor